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750 Best Appetizers: From Dips and Salsas to Spreads and Shooters is written by one of my favorite cookbook writers, Judith Finlayson.

I have collected many of Judith’s cookbooks over the years and have enjoyed each one of them.

It is no surprise to me then that Judith is a bestselling author, whose life-long love of cooking has translated into sales of over 1 million copies of her books.

This one is written with Chef Jordan Wagman, who has received national recognition from the James Beard Foundation and was nominated as a “Rising Star in North America.”

They truly have developed a full 750 mouth-watering recipes for appetizers of all kinds and for all occasions, from finger foods to gourmet, get out the knife and fork, appetizers.

Some of the 750 Best Appetizer Recipes include things like:

  • Easy Tahini Dip
  • Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Spread
  • Feta-spiked Watermelon Salsa with Chili
  • Apple Salsa
  • Watercress Gazpacho
  • Shrimp Bisque
  • Cumin Mint Cooler
  • Pepper-wrapped Chorizo
  • Duck Confit Quesadilla
  • Sweet Scallop Appetizer
  • Mussels on the Half Shell
  • Baked Crab Dip
  • Classic Crab Cakes
  • Mini Muffulettas
  • Beef Sushi
  • Pan Bagna
  • Buckwheat Blini
  • Spinach and Artichoke Tarts
  • Mushroom Polenta Crostini
  • Pinwheel Party sandwiches
  • Salmon Sliders
  • Fresh Corn Cakes
  • Strawberry Topped Brie
  • Potato Tortilla with Peppers
  • Feta-Spiked Edamame Dip
  • Roasted Pepper and Sweet Potato Dip
  • Spicy Sizzling Shrimp
  • Smoked Salmon and Avocado Tartare
  • Beer-battered Oysters

As a sneak peak inside this big book of appetizer recipes, we have a recipe from the book on the site for you. Have a look at:

vietnamese spring rolls
Vietamese Fresh Spring Rolls

This book is well organized and is structured to make it easy to find the kind of appetizers you need. There are 16 chapters in all (after all there ARE 750 recipes) and they cover categories like dips and spreads; shooters, wraps and sandwiches; tarts, dumplings and crepes, to specific foods like chapters called Cheese Please or Mostly Veggies, Poultry and Meat or Dessert.

Slow cooker recipes are also included. These are fantastic if you are having a party, as it is one thing that can sit and cook while you do other things.

Many of these tasty appetizers recipes can easily be prepared ahead, at least in part. When you are giving a party and have lots to do, getting as much done as possible ahead is a huge benefit.

This cookbook also satisfies several dietary requirements or preferences. Several of the recipes are vegetarian and even vegan.

It is always refreshing when you are hosting a dinner or party to be able to serve something different from your usual repertoire. With this collection of 750 Best Appetizers you really will be able to serve fresh ideas every time you entertain.

Whether is it a casual summer barbecue, a special dinner or holiday gathering you will find many recipes in this cookbook that will soon become your best appetizer recipes and add to your reputation as a great host(ess).

This cookbook a good pick for someone who entertains and wants some fresh ideas.

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