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When I first heard that I was going to get the cookbook 750 Best Muffin Recipes: Everything from breakfast classics to gluten-free, vegan and coffeehouse favorites my first thought was that it would probably be filled with slight variations of the same recipe.

Not so at all in this delightful new cookbook from Camilla Saulsbury.

Camilla really does give us 750 completely different muffin recipes divided into nine chapters of innovative recipes, from Muffin classics, Good morning muffins, Decadent coffeehouse muffins, Lunch and supper muffins, Farmer’s market muffins, Global muffins, Superfood muffins to Gluten-free muffins and Vegan muffins.

The recipes range from the decadent to the super nutritious to a wide variety of special diet muffins.

This book is a “must have” for those needing gluten free recipes. There are about 150 recipes, both sweet and savory that fill the bill for those on a wheat free diet.

This really is the definitive collection of nutritious, imaginative and delicious muffin recipes.

All the recipes are fresh and enticing – and Camilla makes them as much fun to make as they are to serve or eat.

Here is just a sampling of the tasty recipes in this amazing muffin recipe book:

  • Mocha muffins
  • Lemon-lime yogurt muffins
  • Whole wheat applesauce muffins
  • Sweet potato marmalade muffins
  • Maple bacon muffins
  • Cheese grits muffins
  • Peanut butter chocolate chunk muffins
  • Antipasto muffins
  • Wine country grape muffins
  • Vidallia onion muffins
  • Maple-dried blueberry spelt muffins
  • Collard greens and garlic muffins

This is the kind of cookbook that both beginners and experienced bakers will use endlessly, with its wealth of useful baking tips and techniques with clear instructions and simple steps for every recipe.

It is definitely one of my new favorites and I have used it over and over many times.

About the Author Camilla Saulsbury:

Camilla is a food writer and recipe developer who has written 10 cookbooks. She is the brand ambassador for Pepperidge Farm puff pastry and has won several of America’s top cooking competitions, including the $100,000 National Chicken Cook-Off and the Food Network’s $25,000 Ultimate Recipe Showdown (cookies episode). She lives near Houston, Texas.
Here is just a sampling of what other purchasers have said of this delightful muffin cookbook:

Maria S. from Salt Lake City, UT says:

A Must-Have Book for Home Bakers

5 star

I ordered this from my cookbook club, but decided to post here on amazon, too. I have countless baking cookbooks, but this one is moving front and center as a new favorite. I have two other cookbooks by Camilla and have watched her on the Food Network many times. Every recipe creation I’ve tried from her has not just been good, but outstanding. I think she is extraordinarily talented.–not only are the recipes innovative, but her instructions are crystal clear, making it near-impossible to go wrong. My first thought when I saw “750 muffins” was “really???” But when you see the book, it makes perfect sense–it’s like 9 complete books in one, each chapter (e.g., classics, morning muffins, savory muffins, farmer’s market muffins, vegan muffins, etc). can stand alone–like 9 books for the price of 1.

Although I am excited by all of the muffins, the global muffins chapter and the farmer’s market chapters are absolutely thrilling. Made the Gajar Halva Carrot Muffins for my book group (Indian-inspired muffins with cardamom & pistachios. There’s a gorgeous photo of them in the book) -as we were reading a collection of Indian short stories. I believe we spent more time talking about the muffins than the book–this is one of the most delicious baked goods I’ve ever made.

From the Farmer’s Market chapter I’ve already made the blueberry goat cheese muffins (to die for) and could not resist trying the Kale & Toasted Walnut muffins (I had a heaps of kale in my CSA box). Spectacular!!! Served them with a white bean soup. Who would have thought Kale would work perfectly in a muffin? Camilla, that’s who.

This is a beautiful book in every sense, and I’m a tough critic. Brava, Ms. Saulsbury!!!

The Enthusiastic Baker writes:

Camilla Saulsbury writes the best recipes. Over the past week, I’ve tried more than a dozen recipes from this book, and all are exceptional. The recipes for lemon ricotta muffins, Alfajores muffins, & leek gorgonzola muffins are especially noteworthy.

I’m very picky about the layout of books, too. I doubt that’s up to the author, but nevertheless is very important to me. Love the clarity of the type, and the layout (entire recipe on single page!) hate having to turn page mid-recipe. And, despite being a large book, the pages lie flat! Gorgeous photos, too.

The recipes are flawless and are suitable for a beginning baker, but the variety and originality will thrill the most advanced/seasoned bakers.

Candace McElroy has this to say:

I finally got my copy of the book–and was it ever worth the wait. This is an AMAZING book. Let me repeat that: AMAZING!!!!!!

I have a family of special diets (husband is celiac, daughter is vegan) so my primary motivation was to get the gluten free recipes (of which there are 150, sweet and savory) and the vegan muffin recipes (of which there are about 100, sweet and savory). But the wealth of recipes here is simply staggering. And mouth-watering.

What pleases me most is the diversity. This isn’t a book of repeats to get to the 750 recipes. I love the idea of the farmer’s market chapter–so much so that I made the quince muffins yesterday! Incredible!!! And made the vegan plum muffins, too (although I used pluots since I had them already)–utterly divine.

The savory muffins also look exciting. There are some familiar flavor combinations, but there is so much innovation, like the anitpasto muffins, pear-walnut-bacon muffins, gorgonzola-leek muffins.

Don’t hesitate. Order. This is a very sophisticated, yet highly accessible, baking book with something for everyone.

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