The Christmas Cookie Jar Cookbook

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The Christmas Cookie Jar Cookbook is a delightful cookbook, another in a series from the folks you can trust for great baking at Gooseberry Books.

One thing I love about Gooseberry cookbooks is that you really can trust the recipes. Not only do you know the recipes will taste good, you know that they work.

Sometime, with badly edited cookbooks, some of the recipes don’t even work properly.

Have you ever had that happen? You take the time and money to bake something only to find out that no one really ever tested it to see that it worked? I certainly have and it is very frustrating.

Not so with Gooseberry cookbooks though. They come from people just like you and I who have submitted their family favorite recipes to the book, so you just know you have a full book of winner recipes that will work every time.

This particular cookbook has recipes for more traditional favorites like Raspberry Linzer Cookies, Pecan Icebox cookies, Grandma’s Butter Fingers as well as a huge variety of new delights.

Here is a listing of a few of the delicious recipes in The Christmas Cookie Jar Cookbook:

  • Lemon Delights
  • Frosted Cranberry Drops
  • Cake Mix Cut Outs
  • Triple-Layer Chocolate Mints
  • Scottish Jam Biscuits
  • Cranberry Crumb Bars
  • Cashew Macadamia Crunch
  • Coconut Bon Bons
  • Tex-Mex Chocolate Snappers
  • Banana Drop Cookies
  • Rudolph’s Carrot Cookies
  • Frosted Ginger Creams
  • Chocolate Mint Stars

Here on the site you can find:

meringue recipe


Mocha Meringues

Here’s a review from a purchaser of The Christmas Cookie Jar Cookbook

J Clancy says:

Cookie monsters can add pounds JUST READING all these yummy cookies. Open the book and you will be in your kitchen within minutes, whipping up scrumptious treats for your family.

As always with Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, my only regret is that they don’t have at least a few images. Pictures of the recipes always excite me, plus they give you a real guide as to how the finished product should look. So I will always be disappointed in a cookbook that doesn’t have at least a few pictures.

That said, this is a delightful cookbook. It is one of those books you will keep and use over and over again, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.

It’s Highly Recommended!

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