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Fruit smoothies don’t have to be high calorie. They can be the perfect way to enjoy fruit as a low calorie snack.

Here’s a great tip – freeze overripe bananas and use them in your next smoothie. A whole banana, fresh or frozen, mixed with a bit of low fat or skim milk, some ice and either vanilla extract or a few strawberries is not only a wonderful low calorie snack, it makes a great on the go breakfast too. Try adding a scoop of good quality protein powder for a really healthy treat.

You will find several delicious smoothie recipes here. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are healthy low calorie additions to any smoothie. Just remember that the couple of recipes that include syrup will take you out of the diet snacks status.


Yes potatoes! Potatoes, or even better, sweet potatoes, are not high calorie foods on their own. It is all that yummy stuff we add on to them, like butter and sour cream, that packs the calories. Potatoes and sweet potatoes also have lots of healthy nutrients.

If you simply slice a potato or sweet potato into thin wedges and bake them, they are tasty and low calorie snacks. Just spray or sprinkle a touch of healthy olive oil on them to keep them moist while cooking. Bake them at medium high heat (about 375ºF) for about 20-25 minutes. Remember the wedges have to be thin. If they are thicker, cook them longer. What a wonderful treat and all under the category of healthy eating for natural weight loss.

All of these low calorie diet snacks will help you lose weight without dieting. Natural weight loss charles darwin homework help is the best weight loss.

Many of the foods on our 10 Healthiest Foods list make great diet snacks.

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