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Gluten-Free Muffin Recipe Cookbook

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If you want amazing tasting easy gluten free recipes you need look no further.

750 Best Muffin Recipes: Everything from breakfast classics to gluten-free, vegan and coffeehouse favoritesis another fantastic cookbook written by Camilla V. Saulsbury.

Camilla’s last cookbook, 150 Best Vegan Muffin Recipes is fantastic, and although I’m not vegan, I made several recipes from the book.

I love Camilla’s recipes. She seems to have such a thorough understanding of baking that she can create the most amazing recipes, whether they are regular cake recipes, vegan recipes or easy gluten free recipes.

Here is just a small sample of the delicious recipes created for this gluten free cookbook:

  • Sour Cream Peach Muffins
  • Dried Berries and Cherry Muffins
  • Cinnamon Orange Muffins
  • Indian Spice Coconut Muffins
  • Ham and Cheddar Muffins
  • Apple Cheddar Muffins
  • Scandinavian Spice Muffins
  • Goat Cheese, Fig and Walnut Muffins
  • Cannoli Muffins
  • Date and Walnut Muffins
  • Lemon Curd Muffins
  • Oat Muffins with Crumb Topping

Gluten Free Chocolate Muffins



We have been given permission to share a recipe from the book with you. You won’t want to miss this gluten free double chocolate banana muffin recipe.
If you or someone in your home needs easy gluten free recipes, this cookbook is a must have. The recipes in this book are easy to follow and turn out well each time.

It is such a treat for those suffering from gluten intolerance or celiac disease to be able to have a treat like the rest of us. Cookbooks like this one by Camilla Saulsbury make that not only possible, but also easy.

Of course substitutions have to be made for the wheat flour and to make the muffins taste good without using wheat. But you will find that the list of ingredients is not longer than regular muffin recipes. Camilla has developed a flour mixture that works for most recipes.

About the Author

Camilla V. Saulsbury is a freelance food writer. She is also a recipe developer and cooking instructor. Her culinary expertise is in translating food and flavor trends into fresh, innovative, and delicious recipes for the our home kitchens.

Camilla has been involved in the world of food for more than 16 years, including catering specialty desserts in the San Francisco Bay Area, writing cookbooks and freelance food articles, and developing recipes for national food companies. She has also won several of the country’s top cooking competitions, including the $100,000 National Chicken Cook-Off, the $50,000 Build a Better Burger Contest, and the Food Network’s $25,000 Ultimate Recipe Showdown (the Cookies Episode).

Her cookbooks Piece of Cake and 750 Best Muffin Recipes are two of my absolute favorite baking cookbooks.

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