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fan_fareThey’re at it again!

Fan Fare! Best of Bridge Cookbook: Brand-New Volume, Brand-New Recipes is yet another winner cookbook from the ladies of the Best of Bridge.

The Best of Bridge series of cookbooks is along standing series, well known for their always reliable, always delicious, simple recipes with a gourmet look and taste.

This new cookbook certainly meets the Best of Bridge standards.

The recipes are easy to make and very tasty. There are over 200 recipes to choose from, all fantastic.

That’s the thing about Best of Bridge cookbooks. You can always rely on the Bridge ladies to come up with recipes that you really do want to eat and to serve family and friends.

Some of the recipes I think you will love include:

  • Maple Mustard Sausage Heroes
  • Artichoke Lemon Bruschetta
  • Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
  • Asparagus Parmesan Bites
  • Salmon with Tomato Chili Relish
  • Chocolate Bread Pudding
  • Little Savory Bread Puddings
  • Szechuan Green Beans
  • Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and Pine Nuts
  • Slow Cooker Asian Style Beef
  • Quick Canuck Salmon Cakes
  • Chicken Mushroom Florentine
  • Baked Pesto Cod
  • Sweet
  • Bejeweled Couscous
  • Glazed Italian Cookies

We have two recipes for you from Fan Fare! Best of Bridge Cookbook on the site. I think you will love them both. Have a look at:

turkey korma
Turkey Meatball Korma


I love the actual book itself too. Beautifully photographed and a hard cover, which helps keeps it in good shape for years. As always I would love an image for each recipe, but I know I’ll never get that in any cookbook.

I love the spiral binding too. It allows the pages to stay flat as you try to follow the recipe. Another plus is that the spiral binding is metal, which means it will last, unlike some of the plastic binding you find on some cookbooks.

My only negative comment about Fan Fare is I don’t like the font. The book is printed all in capital letters, which tends to make it look a bit more folksy, but I do find it a bit harder to read and follow than a regular font. Also, the directions are in very large paragraphs, again I think making it a bit harder to follow when you are going back and forth from your mixing bowl or chopping block and the recipe.

That said, this is a wonderful cookbook, filled with over 200 tasty recipes, all of which you will probably really want to try.

This book is a real keeper and would make a perfect gift for anyone you know who loves to cook or entertain.

Add it to your gift list!

Fan Fare is just one of the delightful cookbooks we have reviewed. See them all here.
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