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For 55 years, Jasper’s has been a beloved family-run restaurant, a Kansas City staple and tradition.

Now, with Jasper’s Kitchen Cookbook: Italian Recipes and Memories from Kansas City’s Legendary Restaurant, Jasper Mirabile, Jr., chef and owner shares the Italian recipes that have made this restaurant notable.

With more than 100 classic and contemporary Italian recipes, Jasper offers his secrets to cooking what I am sure are all of your favorites.

From appetizers like Artichoke Bambolinis, to soups and salads such as Asparagus Soup with Crispy Prosciutto and Sicilian Olive Salad, and from entrees like Truffled Macaroni and Cheese and Osso Buco Milanese, to desserts like Tartufo and Espresso and Chocolate Torte, Jasper’s Kitchen Cookbook fills home kitchens with rich, delicious Italian flavors.

Some of the other tasty recipes you will find in Jaspers Kitchen Cookbook include:

  • Sicilian Frittata
  • Focaccia Crab Cakes
  • Tuscan Ribollita
  • Linguine San Remo
  • Jasper’s Fettucine Con Parmigiano
  • Sweet Corn Risotto
  • Slow Roasted Pork Loin with Apples and Wine
  • Jasper’s Tartufo
  • Espresso Cream Sauce
  • Classic Sicilian Cannoli

I really do like this cookbook. My only negative – no pictures! Why do they make cookbooks with no pictures?

That said, Jasper’s cookbook makes you wish you lived in Kansas City and could visit all the time.
Have a look at a review from a purchaser at Amazon.com:

Gail Cooke says this about Jaspers Kitchen Cookbook:

Filled with tasty dishes and warm family reminiscences Jasper’s Kitchen Cookbook is more than a double treat. Stories of his family will touch your heart and recipes, many handed down through the years, will tempt your taste buds.

We come to know this family with a comment from Mrs. Mirabile who recalls meeting her late husband as a teenager. “In the beginning,” she writes, “I thought Jasper was more interested in my mother’s meatball recipe and her lemonade than he was in me.” Not so as it was a love affair to last a lifetime.

The story of the Mirabiles begins more than a century ago when Leonardo Mirabile emigrated from Sicily to America. His son, Jasper, Sr., learned to cook from his mother. He put this knowledge to good use at the age of 8 when he came home from school to cook pasta, put it in a basket on his bicycle, and rode to the family grocery store to bring dinner to his mother and father.

Later, along with his parents they purchased Rose’s in Kansas City. It was a struggle from day one but in the 1960’s the business began to grow and they bought the original Jasper’s building. Today Jasper’s Italian Restaurant is known throughout the world as Jasper, Jr. carries on the family tradition of dedication and excellence.

Divided into five sections Jaspers Kitchen Cookbook begins with antipastos and closes more than satisfactorily with dolci. As is noted Antipastos, which is the starter for every Italian meal, is called “grape u pitittu” in Sicily. Literal translation? “Mouth openers.” They are, indeed, from homemade breadsticks to Sicilian Artichokes.

Next we find a mouth-watering array of soups and salads followed by “Pasta E Risotto,” my favorite chapter. The risotto dishes are rich and creamy while the sauces please and surprise. Jasper’s Meatballs are so simple to prepare yet superb, given an added flavor by the addition of Pecorino Romano Cheese. Not to worry, sweets are not overlooked – Jasper III’s Blood Orange Candy melts in your mouth.
Jasper, Sr. had a saying, “bere e mangiare bene” – drink and eat well – you surely will with Jasper’s Kitchen Cookbook.
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