Canada’s Slow Cooker Winners: 300 Easy and Satisfying Recipes

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Slow Cooker WinnersCanada’s Slow Cooker Winners: 300 Easy and Satisfying Recipes is a delightful new cookbook that really explores the vast possibilities of the crock pot.

The book was written by best-selling author Donna-Marie Pye who really knows the slow cooker.

She has written several other slow cooker cookbooks, all of which have been really well received by home cooks like us.

Donna-Marie’s premise is that this simple appliance can not only save us lots of hours in the kitchen, it can product wonderful main dishes, appetizers, soups and desserts, all while we are off doing something else.

Slow cooking is the perfect mealtime solution for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious food with a minimum of effort.

The premise is simple:

1. You assemble and prepare the ingredients at your convenience, either the night before or earlier in the day.

2. Place the ingredients in the slow cooker.

3. Turn on the appliance and let the food cook, without you needing to be there to monitor it.

I like this cookbook because it really does explore the possibilities of this appliance that many of us have consigned to the dust bin.

The recipes are tasty, nutritious and use ingredients that we have on hand.

Donna also gives lots of tips on how to get the most from your slow cooker, including knowing the limitations of the crockpot, tricks of the trade and how to adapt a regular recipe for use in the slow cooker.

The “make ahead” advice helps make these easy recipes even more convenient.

Donna-Marie has collected her best recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts, including:

  • Sweet and Spicy BBQ Beef Pot Roast Sandwiches
  • Steak Fajitas with Tomato-Corn Relish
  • Polynesian Pork
  • Cinderella Stew
  • Pulled Pork Taco Supper
  • Italian Chicken Stew with Crisp Polenta
  • Beef Pot Roast with Caramelized Vegetables
  • Chile-glazed Meatloaf
  • Creamy Broccoli Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons
  • Baked Apple Breakfast Cobbler
  • Blueberry Orange Coffee Cake

We have two delicious recipes from this book for you to try, right here on the site. You will love both of them:

baked brie
Cranberry Baked Brie

blueberry french toast
Blueberry Overnight
French Toast Recipe

About the Author:

Donna-Marie Pye is a widely respected home economist, food writer and recipe developer. She lives in Waterloo, Ontario.

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