Mexican short ribs recipe

Mexican Short Ribs Recipe

This fantastic short ribs recipe brings the flavors of Mexico and Spain to the table.

Flavored with oranges, green olives and tomatoes, and spiced with cumin, these beef short ribs are easy to make. Just brown the meat, add the other ingredients, then let it cook away on the stove top.

Spanish paella recipe.

Spanish Paella Recipe

This paella recipe is a baked version of the traditional Spanish paella. You can bake it in either a traditional paella pan, or you can use a large baking dish. Either way you will love this combination of a tasty rice recipe, a great seafood recipe and a tasty chicken recipe, all combined into a delightful taste sensation.

Moms Spanish rice

Mom’s Spanish Rice

Barbara K of Peterborough, Ontario Canada originally submitted her Mom’s Spanish Rice recipe for us to enjoy.

It’s super easy and sounds really good.

With the addition of the ham, all you need for a complete meal is to add a vegetable and a salad. It’s a real 30 minute meal recipe.

cod recipes

Cod Recipes: Cod Fillets Adobo

This is a cod adobo recipe. Adobo is a Spanish marinade that includes paprika, oregano and some kind of acid, usually vinegar. This recipe combines the flavorings of an adobo sauce or marinade with a fairly firm fish.

The flavor of the adobo sauce words well with this Spanish marinade.

Sherry Braised Beef Short Ribs with Autumn Vegetables

This lovely recipe for beef short ribs is marinated, rubbed with spices, then braised in a tasty liquid with autumn vegetables. There are a few steps in the preparation, but it is definitely worth the time for these delectable short ribs.

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