Healthy carrot bran cake

Healthy Carrot Cake with Bran

If you want healthy dessert recipes a good place to start is with this healthy carrot cake.

So many of us want that taste of something wonderfully sweet but we want something healthier too. This cake fits the description of both sweet and healthier.

Apple bread

Apple Bread Recipe

This easy apple bread is a delicious quick bread recipe. It is a real year round recipe, but in the fall, when apples may be plentiful and reasonable in your area, make up a few batches and put them in the freezer for later.

Moist and Easy Carrot Cake Recipe

This moist and easy carrot cake recipe has the wonderful addition of crushed pineapple, which adds so much flavor and moisture. It is an easy cake that gets baked in a large rectangular pan.

Sweet Potatoes

Our stove top sweet potatoes recipe is an delicious easy vegetable side dish.

The orange juice and brown sugar add to the wonderful sweetness of this vegetable. Cinnamon and allspice round it out.

Stew Recipe: Apple Valley Cider Stew

This is a wonderful stew recipe.

It adds a bit of tanginess as well as sweetness with the addition of apple cider and just a bit of catsup (or ketchup).

The bit of acid in the apple cider helps the stew become very, very tender.

plum pudding

Plum Pudding Recipe

Plum pudding is a Christmas dessert staple on many tables, especially those whose roots are in the British Isles.

The classic plum pudding recipe calls for the pudding (or cake) to be steamed. It is served with a sauce flavored and scented with sherry or brandy.

Panettone Bread

Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread recipe. It is eaten year round, but is especially popular during the holidays.

morning glory muffin recipe

Morning Glory Muffin Recipe

Our Morning Glory Muffin Recipe is quite a healthy muffin recipe.

The addition of pineapple and raisins to a carrot muffin recipe makes these muffins both good and good for us. It is a great way to get carrots into the non vegetable lover in your family.

Lamb Shanks, Moroccan Style

This recipe for lamb shanks combines the lamb with wonderful spices and dried fruits.

The spices are reminiscent of Moroccan cuisine, which also uses quite a bit of lamb.

gingerbread cookie recipe

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Is the holiday season really complete without a good gingerbread cookie recipe?

Baking gingerbread cookies fills the house will that distinctive sweet and spicy aroma that brings everyone to the kitchen waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven.

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