turkey stuffing

Turkey Stuffing with Sausage and Apple

Turkey stuffing is the best part of the holiday meal as far as I am concerned. This sausage dressing recipe is absolutely fabulous and I know you and your family will love it.

club sandwich

Club Sandwich Recipe

Club sandwiches (or clubhouse sandwich as they are often also called) are usually served as a double decker sandwich, that is, one made with three slices of bread and two layers of goodies in between. If you don’t want that third piece of bread, simply make the sandwich with two slices.

Baked Salmon Patty Recipe or Salmon Loaf

This salmon patty recipe is baked, not fried, which makes the salmon cakes healthier.

You can make this salmon cake recipe three ways: Baked in a loaf pan as a salmon loaf, baked in a casserole or individual ramekins or you can make salmon patties out of the mixture as in the image above.

Leah’s Chicken Sandwich Recipe

This recipe for chicken sandwiches was originally submitted by Leah from McBee, South Carolina U.S.A.

She says: This is a very good for you sandwich that goes really well with a glass of iced cold Sweet Tea.

overnight French toast

Skier’s Overnight French Toast

This recipe for skier’s overnight French toast was originally submitted to by Mavis M, a follower from Duluth, MN USA. She worked at a ski resort, so I guess she would know a good skier’s French toast.

Mavis says “This is a recipe anyone that loves French toast will love!”

tuna melt

Tuna Melt Recipe

A variation on a classic tuna melt. This particular recipe adds just a bit of onion, some fresh sweet red or green pepper for crunch and color and a bit of kernel corn, again for color and crunch.

Cheese strata recipe

Strata Recipe: Breakfast Casserole with Cheese

The “formal” name for this breakfast casserole is a cheese strata recipe.

It is called a “strata” because you layer the ingredients, then pour on the egg custard mixture.

This type of casserole is always prepared ahead, then refrigerated overnight.

How to make falafel

Falafel Recipe

Falafel (sometimes spelled felafel) is one of my favorite Middle Eastern recipes. Made with chick peas, this is a wonderfully healthy vegetarian recipe.

It is most often served in a fresh warm pita bread slathered with chopped tomatoes, sliced onions and Tahini sauce, a traditional sauce made with ground sesame seeds.

Sausage, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Mmmmm… this sausage, eggs cheese breakfast casserole is perfect for holiday mornings or the brunch table. I make it when I have overnight guests. It is so easy to have it prepared ahead and sitting in the refrigerator. In the morning, just pop it in the oven and voila… breakfast is ready!

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