Moroccan carrots

Moroccan Carrots

These delectable Moroccan carrots features the wonderful warm spices and flavors we associate with that North African country.

If you are looking for easy vegetable recipes that are ideal for serving when you have company, this one is perfect. It would be perfect as part of a Middle Eastern meal or served with a plainer meat, like roasted chicken or beef.

Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken Recipe

One of the most popular Indian food recipes is butter chicken. It must be the most ordered food in almost all Indian restaurants. Have you ever wondered how easy it is to make it yourself? Well pretty easy as it turns out, and with a recipe as original as this one, amazingly good.

chili prawns recipe

Chili Prawns Recipe with Fresh Mango Salad

This lovely chili prawns recipe is served over a fresh mango salad with onions, red chili and bean sprouts in a Thai flavored vinaigrette. It is a wonderful dinner or lunch recipe on its own, but you can also use it as part of a Thai meal. See below the recipe for some meal suggestions.

Indian eggplant curry

Eggplant Curry

I think you will want to add this eggplant curry recipe to your Indian food repertoire.

This is a very versatile recipe because you can serve it as a side dish with other vegetarian or meat based recipes or use it as a quick and easy main course served over brown rice or quinoa.

Tomato and egg curry

Tomato and Egg Curry Recipe

This tomato and egg curry is a fabulous Indian dinner recipe with a variety of uses. Use it as a main dish, served with a side dish of chapatis or rice, or serve it as one of several tasty Indian dishes for a larger meal or on a buffet.

Thai Chicken Thighs

This is a fantastic recipe for Thai chicken. The original recipe calls for chicken thighs, but you can really use anything from thighs to chicken legs, boneless chicken breasts or even chicken wings.

Indian vegetable samosas

How to Make Vegetarian Samosas

I love samosas and was really thrilled to finally try an authentic samosa recipe at home. The vegetarian versions are my favorite and this is a nice one.

Tropical fruit yogurt parfait

Banana Yogurt Parfait

This banana yogurt parfait makes a perfect, not too sweet healthy dessert or snack.

The sweetness comes from the fresh fruit and shredded coconut. The bananas, pineapple and papaya all add a touch of sweet taste without the sugar.

Chicken Biryani Recipe

I love Indian food and chicken biryani is one of my favorites. I have long wanted to make an authentic tasting biryani recipe and finally have one to share.

The list of ingredients may look long, but it isn’t a difficult dish to prepare at all. It does take some time though, so this one isn’t a 30 minute meal.

Thai curried coconut chicken

Curried Coconut Chicken Recipe

The list of ingredients for this curried coconut chicken recipe may seem long, but it’s a very quick recipe to make. Once you have all of the ingredients assembled, it is very easy to put together.

This is a very healthy dinner recipe too. Everything on this ingredient list packs it’s own nutritional benefits into this easy dinner recipe (well, except the bit of sugar, which is optional, and which I personally leave out).

Indian vegetarian chickpea curry

Chickpea Curry Recipe

This is a very nice chickpea curry recipe, not hot at all but full of flavor. Vegetarian Indian curry recipes like this one are a fabulous way of reducing the amount of meat we eat, while still enjoying delicious and healthy food. Or use it as a side dish at a meat based meal.

Chicken Tagine Recipe with Dates and Honey

This chicken tagine recipe is one of my favorite Moroccan recipes.

I love Middle Eastern recipes in general. They have fabulous flavors from warm spices without the extreme heat of other cuisines. This chicken recipe is a great example. Have a look at the great mix of spices listed. Together they will add wonderful flavor to the chicken.

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