fatoush salad

Fattoush Salad

Fattoush salad is a Middle East version of a bread salad. Here the bread croutons are made from garlic infused pieces of pita bread, so that guarantees that it will be yummy to start.

This Middle Eastern salad recipe uses zaatar seasoning (or more correctly za’atar) in the dressing. Za’atar is a mix of herbs and spices but the primary ingredient is dried sumac, which gives it a reddish brown color.

tomato salad with feta cheese

Tomato Salad with Feta

This tomato salad with feta cheese and olives is a bit of a mix between an Italian salad and a village style Greek salad.

Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

This lovely recipe for fresh Vietnamese spring rolls is not just vegetarian.

It satisfies the requirements for vegan recipes as well.

Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe

This delicious sweet and sour pork recipe combines pork tenderloin, vegetables and a sweet and tangy sauce into and easy dinner recipe.

I do have to admit that the ingredients list seems long, but it is really a simple recipe.

The trick is to just be a bit organized and get out everything you need ahead of time.

Greek Salad Recipe

Greek Salad Recipe

This is an authentic Greek Salad Recipe, a delicious and healthy salad recipe, great for lunch, dinner, summer, winter or any time.

Savory Gazpacho Soup


There is nothing quite so refreshing on a warm summer day as fresh a homemade gazpacho recipe. No need to cook over a hot stove for this recipe.

cucumber salad recipe

Cucumber Salad Recipe

This cucumber salad recipe is one of my favorite summer salad recipes.

It is an easy summer salad, or any time of the year salad for that matter, and combines lots of healthy ingredients and fresh herbs.

bulgur salad

Bulgur Salad

This bulgur salad recipe is a delicious mix of a healthy whole grain, vegetables, nuts and fruit.

It is a very healthy salad recipe, perfect as a side dish with so many main courses, whether they are vegetarian or non.

bread butter pickles

Bread and Butter Pickle Recipe

This is an easy bread and butter pickle recipe. Homemade bread and butter pickles are so yummy. They go great with sandwiches. I hate to eat a grilled cheese sandwich without them.

Meatball Banh mi

Vietnamese Banh Mi with Quick Pickled Vegetables

Asian cuisines are super popular in the western world and Vietnamese recipes are known for their wonderful flavors and mix of sweet and salty. The banh mi is the quintessential Vietnamese sandwich, and you will see all sorts of wonderful variations. This is a delicious version of that Asian classic.

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