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avocado dip

Avocado Dip

This avocado dip recipe is just a little different than guacamole. If you are an avocado love like I am, you are going to love it. I love guacamole, but it’s nice to find different ways of enjoying this very healthy food.

Taco Salad Recipe

I think you will love this tasty taco salad recipe. It’s loaded with taste.

Just take traditional taco or nacho ingredients, mix them together in a salad and top with crushed tortilla chips – voila, an easy recipe for taco salad.



Hamburgers are a favorite of both Canadians and Americans year round, but there is nothing quite like grilled hamburgers.

This is a very tasty hamburger recipe, with lots of variations.

grouper with orange remoulade

Grouper, Blackened, with Orange Remoulade Sauce

This recipe for blackened grouper comes with an orange sauce, called a “remoulade”.

This delicious remoulade is a light sauce flavored with olive oil, white wine vinegar, spicy brown mustard, orange juice and garlic.

Chicken Fajita Recipe

This is an easy to make fajita recipe.

I love chicken fajitas and used to wonder how to get that wonderful flavor that you find in restaurants.

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