Recipes Using Ingredient: Sea Salt

Chick Pea Tagine

Vegan Recipe:
Moroccan Chickpea Tagine

Average Rating: (4.7 / 5)

This Moroccan chickpea tagine is not just vegetarian. It's a vegan recipe as well, one ...

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homemade mayonnaise

How to Make Mayonnaise

Recipe Type: Cuisine:
Average Rating: (5 / 5)

If you’ve never tasted fresh homemade mayonnaise you are in for a treat. Fresh mayonnaise ...

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Spatchcock Roast Turkey with Lemon, Sage and Garlic

Roast Turkey with Lemon, Sage, and Garlic
and Giblet Gravy

Average Rating: (4.9 / 5)

This spatchcocked roast turkey is spread open and roasted flat to speed up the cooking ...

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Blackened Grouper Recipe

Grouper, Blackened, with Orange Remoulade Sauce

Average Rating: (3.8 / 5)

This recipe for blackened grouper comes with an orange sauce, called a "remoulade".This delicious remoulade ...

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gluten free waffles

Gluten Free Waffles with Summer Berry Compote
or Apple-Pear Compote

Average Rating: (4.8 / 5)

These gluten free waffles are perfect for those who need to avoid gluten in their ...

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finger food recipes

Finger Food Recipes:
Wild Mushroom and Goat Cheese Puff Pastry Pockets

Average Rating: (4.5 / 5)

I love finger food recipes for entertaining. I also love goat cheese recipes.This wonderful gourmet ...

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Fennel and Orange Salad

Fennel Recipes: Fennel, Orange and Olive Salad

Average Rating: (4.7 / 5)

Fennel recipes are very popular in Mediterranean diets. It is used often in Italian recipes ...

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Grilled Ribeye Steak

Barbecued Ribeye Steak

Average Rating: (5 / 5)

This steak recipe combines smoking and barbecue so it requires both a smoker and grill.

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coconut rice

Coconut Rice with Cauliflower

Average Rating: (4.4 / 5)

This recipe for coconut rice comes from a vegan cookbook. I'm not vegan, but you ...

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Cedar Plank Salmon Recipe

Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Recipes

Average Rating: (4.9 / 5)

Grilled cedar plank salmon recipes are perfect for summer entertaining. They are easy to put ...

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