Sweet red pepper

Vegetable couscous

Vegetable Couscous

I just love this vegetable couscous. It’s such a simple and delicious side dish recipe.

Couscous is a very versatile grain. It’s quick and easy to make it the star of the meal, or a great side.

Thai chicken recipe

Thai Chicken Recipe

This is a delicious Thai chicken recipe, rich with the full bodied flavors of Thai food. Serve it with fragrant jasmine rice for a taste of Thailand.

Seven Layer Salad

This seven layer salad is easy to prepare and looks beautiful, especially if you have it in a deep clear glass bowl that allows you to see all the goodies layered inside.

Whether you can see the 7 layers or not, it tastes just as good.

Red Pepper Jelly

Red Pepper Jelly Recipe

I don’t like peppers much so I didn’t think I would like this red pepper jelly recipe.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. It is fabulous!

Sweet red pepper jelly over cream cheese on a great cracker or flatbread is absolutely fantastic.

pasta con broccoli

Pasta Con Broccoli Recipe

This pasta con broccoli recipe is an easy to make and tasty broccoli pasta dish you will make over and over again.

A great broccoli and garlic recipe too. What a delicious – and healthy – combination!

mango salsa image

Mango Salsa Recipe

This is a delightful fresh mango salsa recipe.

It’s a healthy topping for fish or chicken, great for tacos, or even for scooping up with tortilla chips.

You can see from the nutritional values listed below that this heart healthy vegetable and fruit salsa is very low calorie, low carb and low fat, while providing lots of great nutrition.

Italian Pasta Salad Recipe

This Italian pasta salad is one of my favorite easy pasta salad recipes.

Cold pasta salad recipes are great every day side dishes, but they are perfect for entertaining too.

Fish Curry Recipe with Green Mango

The combination of the sweet-tart green mango and delicately cooked fish will transport your taste buds to sunnier climes. This ethereal dish practically levitates off the plate and into willing palates.

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