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chunky leek and tomato soup

Chunky Leek and Tomato Soup Recipe

I love this homemade tomato soup recipe. I love it’s chunky texture, studded with bits of herbs. It’s a little less refined looking but it is absolutely delicious.

The recipe calls for a bit of honey. The honey gives the tomato soup a slightly sweeter taste, but I think it’s fine without it, so I made the honey optional here. Taste it without the honey and add it if you prefer a sweeter soup.

Indian eggplant curry

Eggplant Curry

I think you will want to add this eggplant curry recipe to your Indian food repertoire.

This is a very versatile recipe because you can serve it as a side dish with other vegetarian or meat based recipes or use it as a quick and easy main course served over brown rice or quinoa.

green papaya salad

Green Papaya Salad

If you want something a little different, with an Asian flair, try this lovely fresh green papaya salad.

You need to buy smaller, unripe papaya for this recipe. It is hard and shreds well. Thai people eat papaya often, including green papaya.

Slow Cooker Succotash Recipe

A succotash recipe with a few twists. Using healthy edamame instead of lima beans this gluten free vegetarian recipe enters the new age.

chick pea tagine vegan recipe

Vegan Recipe: Moroccan Chickpea Tagine

This Moroccan chickpea tagine is not just vegetarian. It’s a vegan recipe as well, one step further.

Don’t hesitate about the recipe if you are not into vegan or vegetarian recipes. One look at the ingredients will have you rushing to make this delicious, savory dish.

Easy Lentil Soup Recipe

Lentil Soup Recipe

This spicy lentil soup recipe, with its bit of garlic and the hit of curry is just delicious.

It is one of the most wonderful vegetarian soup recipes I have tasted.

Lentil soup is an quick and easy recipe that you can make for lunch or dinner any day of the week.

Green Bean Salad Recipe

This green bean salad recipe is one of my favorite summer salads.

It is a very simple recipe.

Just boil up some green and/or yellow beans and while they are boiling mix together this light and savory vinaigrette.

bean soup recipe

Italian Vegetable Bean Soup Recipe

This is an easy, healthy, Italian bean soup recipe. Growing up Italian I have to admit a bit of prejudice here but I have always found Italian soups to be very tasty and extremely healthy. They are always filled with super healthy ingredients like garlic, onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

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