BBQ Beef Sandwiches

BBQ Beef Sandwiches

These bbq beef sandwiches are both easy and delicious. This recipe for stove top cooked barbecue beef that just uses a few simple ingredients you probably have on hand.

It calls for stove top cooking, but you can easily pop it all into a crock pot to cook and I have included those instructions in the directions as well.

Mexican short ribs recipe

Mexican Short Ribs Recipe

This fantastic short ribs recipe brings the flavors of Mexico and Spain to the table.

Flavored with oranges, green olives and tomatoes, and spiced with cumin, these beef short ribs are easy to make. Just brown the meat, add the other ingredients, then let it cook away on the stove top.

Beef bone broth

How To Make A Super Healthy Bone Broth

You hear a lot about bone broth these days and how healthy it is for us. Well it’s all true. Healthy soup recipes made from a long simmered bone broth provide many amazing health benefits that we’ll talk about more in just a minute.

Nona's mini meatball soup

Nonna’s Mini Meatball Soup Recipe

If you love slow cooker soup recipes, you will love this mini meatball soup recipe.

It combines tasty pork and beef meatballs, flavored with Italian seasonings and Parmesan cheese and cooks them in chicken broth for a lighter soup. Add a little pasta and you have a light and delicious Italian soup recipe that is very easy to prepare.

Chopped liver

Chopped Liver Recipe

Chopped liver is a traditional Jewish recipe that the rest of the world has grown to love. I think you will like this version.

Moroccan braised beef

Moroccan Braised Beef Recipe

This delectable recipe for Moroccan style braised beef is absolutely fabulous if you want something just a little bit different. It’s like a beef stew, but with savory flavors of the Middle East.

Chinese egg roll

Egg Roll Recipe with Sweet and Sour Sauce

I think you will enjoy this delicious egg roll recipe.

Egg rolls are a popular Chinese recipe. I think most of us order them or spring rolls when we order Chinese food. Now you can make them at home with this easy recipe.

Salsa Burger Recipe

This is a fabulous tasting burger recipe, mixed with a bit of salsa for extra flavor. The hamburgers get even more Mexican flavor with the addition of a touch of cumin. I love the warm, earthy flavor of cumin.

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