avocado chocolate pudding

Avocado Chocolate Pudding Recipe

A chocolate pudding recipe that is super healthy? Yes! This chocolate pudding has a surprise ingredient – avocados! We all know that avocados have a long list of health benefits. But in a dessert? Yes, now you can enjoy avocados in this easy dessert recipe.

Blueberry Dessert Pudding

This blueberry dessert is one of my favorite diabetic dessert recipes.

I call it a pudding but it’s not a pudding in the traditional sense. It isn’t thickened with eggs or flour. It isn’t even cooked! But it’s a wonderful light and fruity concoction that is high in protein, something that is very difficult to come by in dessert recipes.

Brown Rice Pudding

Brown Rice Pudding Recipe

This brown rice pudding recipe is for all of those rice pudding lovers, like me, who want to keep eating one of their favorite comfort foods, but make it healthier.

Lemon Pudding

This lovely lemon pudding recipe was submitted to Cookingnook.com by Iranian chef by Farhad Zafari of iranchef.

The use of buttermilk gives this pudding a bit of a sweet tart taste that is just a bit different but quite good.

watergate salad

Watergate Salad

The name says “salad” but it is a wonderful and easy dessert, sweet with pineapple, coconut and raisins.


A Quick Trifle

Classic English trifle is a Christmas tradition for many families. It is a wonderful mix of flavors and textures, yet surprisingly easy to make.

This is a quick take on the recipe.

plum pudding

Plum Pudding Recipe

Plum pudding is a Christmas dessert staple on many tables, especially those whose roots are in the British Isles.

The classic plum pudding recipe calls for the pudding (or cake) to be steamed. It is served with a sauce flavored and scented with sherry or brandy.

Baked rice pudding recipe

Baked Rice Pudding Recipe

Baked rice pudding is one of my absolute favorite dessert recipes.

I don’t know why I thought it would be difficult or fussy to make, but it isn’t at all, and the results sure are worth it.

creme brulee

Creme Brulee Recipe

If you have been looking for a great creme brulee recipe, this it your page.

Crème brulée is a luscious, creamy, custard-like dessert with a crunchy sugar candy topping.

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