French Cooking Terms

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veggies at green grocerThis is our handy food dictionary of French cooking terms, for those who are interested in venturing into more gourmet cooking.

It is divided into two sections.

On this page you will find terms that begin with the letters A to F.

Look here for French cooking terms that begin with the letters G to Z.

French Cooking Terms


best buy research paper Bain-marie
A roasting pan or baking dish partially filled with water to allow food to cook more slowly and be protected from direct high heat. Used for custards and terrines. my assignment help contact Bavarois
Creamy pudding that is made with cream and eggs, then set with gelatin. homework help income statement worksheet Beignets
Fritters. Small dollops of dough that are fried.

do my english essay Beurre Manié
Butter and flour mixed together in equal parts and used to thicken liquids.

how do i start an essay about my family Beurre Noisette
Browned butter.

writing essay test online Bisque
A shellfish soup that has been thickened.

sociology assignment help Blanquette
A stew made from meat that has not been browned or fried. Usually refers to stews made of lamb, chicken or veal. what to write about for my college application essay Bouchées
Small puff pastry cases.

accounting information system assignment help Bouillon
Broth or stock.

the blitz homework help Bouquet Garni
A mixture of fresh herbs tied together with string and used to flavor stews, soups etc. It refers to a mix of parsley, bay leaf, thyme (and sometimes celery stalk). The bouquet is removed before serving. coursework masters Brunoise
Vegetables cut into very small diced pieces.

pollution homework help Canapé
An appetizer consisting of a small bread or biscuit base covered with a flavored topping. help with writing papers Chapelux
Browned bread crumbs. eworld paper masters writing service Chine
To remove the backbone from a rack of ribs. i need someone to write my college essay Concasser
To chop roughly postmodern paper writing service Consommé
Broth that has been made clear.

essaywritingservice biz Coulis
A thick sauce usually made from one main ingredient, such as raspberry coulis. cheapest essays for sale Court Bouillon
Flavored liquid used for cooking fish. adding and subtracting fractions homework help Crêpes
Very thin pancakes. need help with assignments for business course Croquettes
A mixture of potato with ground cooked meat, fish or poultry formed into balls, patties or other shapes and coated with a breading before frying. help with assignment reviews Croustade
Bread piece dipped in butter and baked until it is crisp. research paper on the importance of brand names to customers Croûte
Crust. Sometimes refers to a pastry crust, sometimes to toasted or fried bread. best american essays 2010 online Croûtons
Small cubes of bread used as a garnish is salads and soups. helpful person essay Dariole
Small mould shaped like a castle used for moulding salads or baking cakes.

essay strengths weaknesses writer Déglacer
To deglaze, to loosen browned juices and fat from the bottom of a frying pan or saucepan by adding liquid, bringing to a boil and stirring. The liquid is usually water, wine or broth.

mid term paper help Dégorger
To extract juices from meat, fish or vegetables, usually by salting them, then soaking or washing. It is usually done to remove a strong taste. answer help homework Dépouiller
To skim off the scum that accumulates at the top of a stock or sauce.

customessaysunlimited com Duxelles
Finely chopped raw mushrooms, used as a stuffing. Sometimes combined with chopped ham or scallops. 123helpme descriptive essays Entrecôte
Sirloin steak. help me with my reading homework Entrée
The term used to refer to something served before the main course but is used now to refer to the actual main course. helpmeonmyhomework com Entremet
Dessert or sweet, but not including pastries. for writers of research papers gibaldi Escalop
A thin slice of meat that is often pounded out to make it thinner. pay for custom essay Farce

paying for essays for college application Flamber or Flambé
To set alcohol on fire. order cheap essays Frappé
Something that is iced or set on or in a bed of ice. nature writing essays online Fricassé
A stew made from poultry, meat or rabbit that has a white sauce.

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