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Preserving: How to Make Jam, Jelly, Preserves and Pickle Recipes

pickle recipes and preserving

This section of is all about preserving – from pickle recipes, to jam recipes, jelly recipes, chutneys, marmalades, relishes and more.

If you can preserve it, we will try to bring you a recipe for it.

You can add your own treasured recipes too and share them with the community.

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I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t love jams and jellies.

We all have a favorite, whether it is classic strawberry jam, grape jelly, orange marmalade or your own personal favorite.

Keep coming back as this section grows. And check below for recipes submitted by other home canners.

Tried and true jam recipes, jelly recipes, marmalades and pickles are always the best.

When someone has been using a recipe over and over for many years, you just know it has to be good.

Marmalades, Jams and Jellies

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Relishes and Chutneys

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Our jam and pickle recipes may make you think of summer. Look here for our outdoor living recipes.

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1 thought on “Preserving: How to Make Jam, Jelly, Preserves and Pickle Recipes”

  1. Transferred from the previous version of the site:

    Nectarine Mango Jam (No Pectin Added!)

    by KM

    No Pectin Added Nectarine Mango Jam

    3 cups TOTAL Nectarines / Mangos – fairly ripe (see below for tips on amount of fruit needed*)
    1 1/2 cup brown sugar
    2 table spoons lemon juice
    **You’ve got choices when you make this jam. My household prefers “no chunks” in jams, so, I used a combination of nectarines/mangos that when pureed in food processor made up the 3 cups.

    – Chop up peeled fruit, enough to equal 3 cups. (I used my food process to blend)
    – If you are blending, pulse it on/off to ensure an even pureed and get rid of all the big chunks of fruit
    – Pour 3 cups of fruit into a medium size pot
    -Add Sugar / Lemon juice, and turn on to medium-high heat
    – Stir mixture so everything combines well
    – Bring fruit mixutre to a slow simmer, stirring frequently so you do not burn the bottom.
    -Jam should be reduced to almost half – about 30 or so minutes.
    – There are several ways to test in the no-pectin jam has jelled enough. The 2 method’s I’ve been using, are as follows:
    1 – using a candy thermometer, stick in the middle of jam, not touch bottom. Jam is ready when it hits 220F
    2 – Using a clean, cool metal spoon, dip spoon in jam, lift, and if the mixture drops off 2 drops at a time, it’s ready. (when you first put jam on stove, try it with the spoon, you’ll see the mixture oozes right off, when the jam is ready – it’ll just drip off 2 drops at a time)

    – Once Jam is ready, remove from heat, and ladle into the containers you are wishing to store the jam in. Make sure they are clean and dry.
    – Let cool on the counter, and if keeping it as fresh jam – place in fridge once cool!
    – for detailed pictures – visit:


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