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Here you will find the recipes you have saved. When you click on the “Save Recipe” button, your saved recipe is collected here. To see your saved recipes, click/tap “Saved Recipes”, below.

  • The blue bar beside each recipe with the = symbol allows you to drag the recipe to a new place within the collection. It becomes the delete button when you select “Delete Items”.
  • To add a recipe to your collection, select the “Add Item” button and you can search the site to add a recipe – or you can add a custom recipe by selecting “Add Custom Recipe” from the drop down above the search bar. NOTE: This only saves the recipe in your collections. It does not submit the recipe to

You can also print a shopping list from these recipes! Just click/tap the Shopping list button.

Did you know you can create your own custom collections of recipes? Maybe you want to create your own weekly menu or bring together all the recipes for a special meal you are planning. And once you have your collection organized, you can create your shopping list!

Start your own collections today! Just click “Edit Collections” and you’re on your way!

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