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Healthy Diabetic Recipes

diabetic recipes

Healthy and tasty diabetic recipes should be a staple in the recipe books of everyone who has diabetes, to keep blood sugar levels in check.

With all of the information about diabetes nutrition available today, living with diabetes certainly doesn’t have to be a death sentence any more.

Look for more information on eating healthy with diabetes below the recipes.

Diabetic Dessert Recipes

Indian carrot pudding

Carrot Pudding Recipe

Appetizer Recipes

Breads and Muffins

Diabetic Meat and Poultry Recipes

Fish and Seafood

Side Dishes and Salads

Sauces and More

Diabetic Soups

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When it comes to diabetic dessert recipes each person has to determine on his/her own what works in terms of sugar or fat consumption.

Look here for our total collection of tasty desserts and see the list of desserts that I have marked as probably okay for most diabetics above.

Please Note:

Before adjusting your diet in any way, please consult your own medical practitioner. The opinions expressed on this site are not meant to constitute medical advice or take the place of your medical practitioner.

More Information about Diabetes Can Be Found Here…

Look here for sample diabetic menus, which will give you lots of ideas on how to easily incorporate these diabetic recipes into your daily life.

Learn the principles of healthy diabetic cooking.

What is Diabetes?

Types of Diabetes

Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes Prevention

Have a look at our list of the 10 Healthiest Foods to Eat. All are perfect foods to include in a diabetic diet and diabetic recipes.

Did You Know?…

It isn’t all about sugar either.

Good diabetes management means making healthy eating choices and keeping a close eye on the number of carbohydrates you consume in total. (Look here for the basic principles of healthy diabetic cooking.)

That means that your consumption of pasta, breads and vegetables like potatoes, corn and sweet potatoes needs to be monitored too.

Today’s diabetic diet can include anything in moderation, even a bit of sugar.

The most important thing is to check your blood sugar regularly, both before and after meals, especially until you know what foods work with your body and which cause your blood sugar to spike.

If a food does cause a sharp spike in blood sugar, that food should become something you avoid or eat only sparingly.

Each person who has diabetes should consult their own health care practitioner about diabetes nutrition and the best diabetes diet plan for you.

Most of the recipes on the site can be eaten by diabetics, at least in moderation, but there are many recipes within the site that fit particularly well into a healthy diabetic diet.

For the most part, I have omitted recipes that include wine or other alcohol from this list. That’s because some prescription medications that diabetics take don’t work well if you have alcohol in your system. As with the sugar and carbohydrates, check with your own health care practitioner before you adjust your diet.

I have also left out recipes that use a lot of fat or sugar. Although diabetics can consume pretty much anything in moderation, fats, sugars and other carbohydrates are the most important elements to monitor, so I thought we would concentrate on delicious recipes that are generally lower in those ingredients.

Just because you’re diabetic though, doesn’t mean you have to give up on sweetness. There are some healthy alternatives to sugar out there: for example, have you ever heard of stevia? It’s an all natural sugar substitute that can be up to 300 times sweeter than sucrose, and contains no carbs or calories.

I hope you enjoy the recipes. Use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your own diabetic recipes for others to enjoy.

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diabetic recipes

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