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Vegetarian Recipes

Our collection of vegetarian recipes

Many people are turning to a healthier lifestyle and these vegetarian recipes will be a delicious addition to your recipe collection.

If you think that a diet of vegetarian food will be somewhat difficult to incorporate into your lifestyle, I think you will be surprised at the variety of easy recipes you will find here.

Vegetarian cuisine is not only healthy, these recipes show you how delicious a vegetarian diet can be. If you are already a vegetarian, I think you will enjoy the variety of new recipes you will find here.

Throughout the site look for the label above to indicate that a recipe is vegetarian. This is a sampling of the vegetarian recipes on the site. Do a search on the word vegetarian in the search box above to browse them all.

Vegetarian Main Course or Side Dishes

These can all be either main course recipes or side dishes.

Salad Recipes

Some of the salad recipes below can also be used as a vegetarian main course. These are just highlights from our collection of fantastic salad recipes. You can find more vegetarian recipes among the salad recipes here.


Vegetarian Sauces

Of course most vegetable recipes are vegetarian, so I haven’t listed all of our vegetable recipes here. If you would like to browse all of our vegetable side dish recipes, go here.

Vegetarian Soups

Even if you have no desire to convert from a meat eating diet, you’ll see that it is easy and tasty to incorporate meat free days into your current diet. Give them a try.

I hope you enjoy these recipes that are part of healthy vegetarian cuisine. Have your own favorite vegetarian recipe that you would love to share with others? Use the form at the bottom of the page and your recipe will be available for all of our visitors to try.

Of course our desserts are vegetarian recipes. You will find them all here.

Look here for delicious vegetarian menu ideas.

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