The Complete Curry Cookbook

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I love curry, so a book that calls itself the Complete Curry Cookbook: 250 Recipes from Around the World hits the right note with me.

That said, I am not a fanatic and I am not at a point in my life where I want to spend all day in the kitchen preparing curry, so the recipes I use must have authentic curry taste, but be easy to make.

These quick, easy and tantalizing recipes fill the bill, as they feature ingredients found in supermarkets. Yet the dishes that I tried still maintain those authentic tastes that are so important.

Curry is enjoyed throughout the world – in India, Thailand, China, England, Indonesia and the Caribbean, and each of these areas makes curry in their own different and distinctive way.

This cookbook offers curry recipes from each of these regions and includes the flavors that make them unique.

Some of the delicious curry recipes in this cookbook include:

  • Vegetables masala
  • Shrimp curry, Calcutta style;
  • Caribbean-spiced tilapia;
  • Kashmiri-style lamb with root vegetables
  • Thai beef-tamarind curry with potato;
  • Braised beef with chili lime and lemongrass
  • Caribbean coconut lime braised pork
  • Grilled fish tikka
  • Dansak (lentils with vegetables)
  • Eggs sambal goreng
  • Chili coconut dal
  • Indian-style butter chicken

Plus accompaniments and side dishes such as:

  • Tomato onion rice pilau
  • Spicy Singapore noodles
  • Caramelized mango relish
  • Fresh mint raita

We have two yummy recipes from this cookbook on the site. Have a look at:

Green Mango Fish Curry


If you are a home cook who wants to experience international curry cuisine at its most tantalizing, these recipes will put you on that road.

I have several marked to try already and from what others have said about the book I am really looking forward to delving into it.
Here are a couple of reviews to help you decide if this cookbook is one you want on your shelf:

Shortcut Diva states:

I make at least 4-5 recipes regularly out of this book. I even presented it to another cooking expert. He loved it too.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars and “worth having it at home”.
James A. Cox of The Midwest Book Review says:

This cookbook will be a revelation — it opens the doors to a global taste experience.

About the Authors

Byron Ayanoglu is a chef whose celebrity clients have included Robert De Niro and Mick Jagger. A restaurant reviewer and cookbook author, he lives in Montreal. He is author of Simply Thai Cooking (with Wandee Young) and 125 Best Vegetarian Recipes.

Jennifer MacKenzie is a food writer and columnist, recipe developer and tester, cooking instructor and cooking consultant. She lives in Lakefield, Ontario.

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