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Turkey Facts

Turkey nutritional facts

Turkey is one of the world’s great comfort foods.

Turkey facts and benefits make this lean protein source one that you will want on the dinner table much more than just on holidays.

Some Healthy Turkey Facts

Turkey is an excellent source of lean protein. One serving of turkey provides more than half your body’s protein requirement, with half the fat of beef and 30% fewer calories.

Turkey also contains the trace mineral selenium, plus niacin and Vitamin B6.

Nutritional Benefits of Turkey

Protein is an essential building block for your bodies. The protein in turkey is lean and low in calories, making it an excellent healthy food choice.

Selenium has been shown to inhibit cancer development, improve the immune system, and aid in the metabolism of our thyroid hormone. Each serving of turkey contains almost half of the body’s requirement for selenium.

The B Vitamin niacin in turkey is a cancer preventer as well. Niacin also helps convert elements of the food we eat into the energy our bodies run on.

Vitamin B6 also aids in energy production by helping to process carbohydrates.

Niacin and Vitamin B6 prevent the accumulation of homocysteine in our body. High levels of homocysteine damage blood vessels and significantly increase our risk for heart disease. So turkey is very heart healthy.

The facts about turkey point to a simple conclusion – turkey is a “super” food and one we should cook up more often.

The availability of turkey pieces, boneless turkey breasts, turkey cutlets and ground turkey make including this nutritious food in our menus an easy choice.

How to Put Turkey into your Diet More Often:

  • Replace the ground beef in chili or meatloaf with ground turkey.
  • Put some ground turkey burgers on the BBQ or grill instead of hamburgers.
  • Toss cubed leftover turkey on your favorite salad for a tasty treat.
  • Instead of chicken salad for lunch, make a turkey salad. Add almonds or walnuts for crunch and chopped apricots or raisins to up the sweetness.
  • Cut boneless turkey into cubes, marinate and create skewers of turkey and veggies to put on the grill or BBQ.
  • Try turkey cutlets for a change of taste.

Now that you are more familiar with turkey facts, find tasty recipes using turkey right here.

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