Barcelona Cookbook

The Barcelona Cookbook: A Celebration of Food, Wine, and Life is a stunningly beautiful cookbook with recipes from the very successful Barcelona Wine Bar and Restaurants in Connecticut.

Listed in Zagat’s as one of “America’s Top Restaurants, Barcelona’s cookbook is filled with beautiful images of the prepared recipes as well as of Barcelona Spain.

It’s tapas with a Mediterranean and Latin twist.

The 110 recipes in this book look amazing. They may appeal more to sophisticated palates and those who want to try somewhat more gourmet fare.

Many of the recipes could be considered budget busters for many people, but if you have the budget and love too cook, this cookbook could be a good one for you.

The book also delves into other areas to give you information on wine pairing, Spanish cheeses, cured meats, menu and party planning recommendations, and tips for applying restaurant tricks to the home kitchen.

There is also lots of information about Spain and the city of Barcelona. It is really quite an interesting book to read.

These are just some of the tasty recipes you will find in the Barcelona Cookbook:

  • Red Sangria and White Sangria
  • White Peach Martini
  • Citrus Ceviche
  • Cordoban Gazpacho
  • Spicy Lobster Salad
  • Duck Confit with Oyster
  • Chorizo with Sweet and Sour Figs
  • Lobster Risotto
  • Albonigas (Meatballs in Sauce)
  • Filet Mignon with Horseradish Cream
  • Flan
  • Orange and Almond Cake

We have been given permission to share a few recipes from this amazing cookbook on the site and we do so with delight. Here on site you will find recipes for:

Sherry Braised Beef Short Ribs with Autumn Vegetables

Peruvian Steak Salad

Mussels Diablo

These are just a few things that have been said in reviews about The Barcelona Cookbook: A Celebration of Food, Wine, and Life:

  • If Sasa Mahr-Batuz and Andy Pforzheimer could have it their way, people would come from far and wide to experience what diners at their Barcelona eateries around southwest Connecticut already know. Given the logistical hurdles of such a plan, they went with the next best idea and put together the Barcelona Cookbook: A Celebration of Food, Wine and Life. …The ideas are explained in the cookbook’s 200 pages. These were born out of the same motivation to share the food and celebratory culture of a typical Spanish tapas bar that led to the creation of the original Barcelona. “We wanted to create an ambiance of food and lifestyle of eating and drinking and laughing and socializing that is found in Spain, a trattoria in Italy, a brasserie in France.” –Greenwitch Time, June 17, 2009
  • This cookbook has become a favorite in my extensive cookbook collection. There are recipes to die for in here: shrimp in garlic sauce, paella Barcelona, wild mushrooms with herbed cheese, and flan, and some killer cocktails like blood orange margaritas, red and white sangrias, and clementine crush made with Svedka clementine vodka.
  • White Sangria. Grilled octopus salad with white beans. Mussels al diablo. Roasted suckling pig. Arroz con leche. If you frequent Barcelona Restaurant and Wine Bar, these foods are like old friends; they may disappear from the menu every once in a while, but you know that they’ll be back eventually. Now they never have to go away.
  • The Barcelona Cookbook is robust and gutsy, just like the establishment, and is oozing with good things. Alluring aromas, savory flavors, and good times are the main ingredients in this offering.It brings the cosmopolitan soul of Barcelona Restaurant and Wine Bar home with 110 unbelievable recipes perfect for sharing with friends and family. Along with the interesting sidebars, recipes are nicely paired with wine suggestions, menu and party planning recommendations, and tips for applying restaurant tricks to the home kitchen.

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