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Baked Ham Recipes

baked ham recipes

MMM…country glazed ham. Baked ham recipes just might be the perfect Sunday dinner.

Ham is easy to prepare and just cooks along while you tend to other things.

Baked ham is also one of the traditional holiday recipes for Easter and, for some families, Christmas.

Whenever you bake a honey baked ham or big old country ham, you know you are in for good eating for several days.

Hams come in so many forms that we have tried to provide directions for several kinds of baked ham recipes.

Sometimes you will find directions right on the packaging when you purchase your ham at the market. If not, follow our guidelines and the cooking table above.

And what is baked ham without the perfect glaze? Look here for our huge variety of ham glaze recipes.

Look below for ham cooking times and tips.

Baked Ham Recipes

Baked Ham Recipes

Baked ham recipes just might be the perfect Sunday dinner. Ham is easy to prepare and just cooks along while you tend to other things.
Course Main Course
Cuisine American


  • 1 ham, see table below


  • Preheat oven to 325ºF.
  • Scrub the skin of the ham with cold water. Pat dry. Place the ham, fat side up, on a rack in a pan. Add a little water. Bake the ham according to the directions on the package or follow the table below.
  • A thermometer will register 165ºF when the ham is cooked.
  • Remove the ham from the oven. Remove the rind (skin) by loosening with a sharp knife as the rind is pulled gently up from the ham.
  • Score the fat into a diamond shape using a sharp knife. Do not cut too deeply or you will expose the meat and it can dry out.
  • You can stick a whole clove into each of the places where the cuts meet. Glaze ham with your favorite ham glaze recipes.
  • Bake the ham at 400ºF to brown and set the glaze.
  • For smaller hams, please see the table below.
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Timetable For Baking A Ham At 325ºF

Type of Ham

Weight in Pounds

Minutes to Cook

Bone In:Whole Ham8 to 10 pounds18-20 minutes per pound
Bone In:Whole Ham10-15 pounds18 minutes per pound
Bone In:Whole Ham15 to 18 pounds15 minutes per pound
Half Ham5 to 8 pounds25 minutes per pound
Picnic Shoulder4 to 6 pounds30 minutes per pound
Bone out:Whole Ham8 to 10 pounds25 minutes per pound
Half Ham8 to 10 pounds30 minutes per pound


Easy Bone Out Baked Ham Recipe

Baking a boned ham is so easy. You don’t have that rind and fat to work around.

Just score the outer layer of the ham very lightly with a knife. Glaze with your favorite ham glaze recipe and bake according to the table above.

Don’t want to use a glaze? Here’s a method for keeping baked ham nice and moist:

Ham Baked in Ginger Ale:

Score the ham as above and put in a baking pan. Pour a can of ginger ale over the ham and bake according to the table above. Baste the ham often with the ginger ale, using a second can if necessary.

This is a great way to heat up ham leftovers too and keeps them nice and moist.

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Baked ham recipes usually means tasty leftovers. Look here for our leftover ham recipes.

Baked Ham Recipes

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