The Cancer Fighting Diet Book

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We have many questions about cancer and diet: Is an anti cancer diet possible? Do traditional diets protect against cancer? How is nutrition more than just food intake? Can food really make you sick or help to make you well if you are already sick?

Dr. Johannes F. Coy answers these questions and many, many more in his new book The Cancer Fighting Diet: Diet and Nutrition Strategies to Help Weaken Cancer Cells and Improve Treatment Results.

Why should we listen to Dr. Coy among the crowd of people telling us how to eat? Dr. Coy is a respected cancer researcher who discovered the TKTL1 gene. He found that the whether or not a cancer cell developed was not determined by either its localization or its origin. Rather it is the cell’s metabolism that determines it’s path – and, with the right diet, you can change that path.

In this book you will find out how mechanisms in our body can lead to the development and spread of cancer cells. You also learn how to combat that process to reverse disease and create health. So this book is not just for people already fighting cancer, although it is a perfect book for that. It also shows us how to eat to avoid cancer and why.

One of Dr. Coy’s point? We eat far too many carbohydrates in our western diet. “Carbohydrates that lead to a rapid and strong rise in blood sugar levels – and, consequently, induce the release of hormones (such as insulin) and growth factors… – have been found to promote the growth of cancer cells”.

Since cancer cells thrive and multiply on sugar, reducing and/or eliminating sugar quite literally starves them. Once Dr. Coy shows you exactly how diet impacts your health, whether you are currently experiencing cancer or not, you will want to incorporate these eating principles as a way of life. Not only does he explain how to create a much healthier body, the second part of the book gives you 150 delicious recipes to put scientific facts on to your daily dinner table by creating health giving tasty recipes that work for all of us.

This phenomenal book shows us how and why starch (in the form of wheat and wheat products like bread, rolls, pasta, pizza and baked goods) is just another form of sugar and creates the same effect in our bodies as sugar does.

But…different types of carbohydrates metabolize differently. Learn which carbohydrates actually promote a healthier body.

You will learn how to stabilize blood sugar values with diet and which fats are healthy for us.

Dr. Coy developed a list of foods that help our bodies rather than harm them. He and his co-author Maren Franz also introduce us to foods we may not be very familiar with, such as Jerusalem artichokes, hemp seeds and fermented foods. You will be including all of these in your diet as soon as you ready why each of them is important for super health.

Some of the delicious recipes in this healthy book include:

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  • Mini-Pancakes with Apple and Cinnamon Cream
  • Kiwi with Ginger Ricotta
  • Cherry and Coconut Smoothie
  • Celeriac Fries with Mascarpone Dip
  • Coconut Calamari with Avocado Dip
  • Easy Low Carb Bread
  • High-Protein Flax Bread
  • Savory Cheese Crackers
  • Squash Leek and Sausage Soup
  • Thai Tofu Curry with Bok Choy
  • Vegetable and Haloumi Stir-Fry
  • Asian Chicken en Papilotte
  • Lemony Shrimp with Spinach
  • Apple and Plum Gratin
  • Ginger Panna Cotta on Papaya Puree

You will also learn more about the role stress plays in disease and how to promote self healing.

And Dr. Coy tells us the 5 steps we can take NOW to fight cancer. That in itself is worth the price of this book.

Here is what one reviewer said about The Cancer Fighting Diet: Diet and Nutrition Strategies to Help Weaken Cancer Cells and Improve Treatment Results on Amazon:

An Invaluable Resource in the Fight Against Cancer

By Dee Long

“You don’t have to be facing a diagnosis of cancer in order to benefit from this amazing resource book, three-fourths of which is scientific, medical and nutritional information and one-fourth of which is a 150-recipe cookbook. The reader will learn all they need to know about how food choices affect the health and growth of cells in the body and the best menu choices to make when undergoing cancer treatment. Unlike most other cookbooks, the recipes here are geared to serve one rather than a group. We especially like the “did you know” factoids that are included on most pages. The Cancer Fighting Diet provides invaluable information to anyone determined to overcome cancer, in addition to being a great resource for anyone who wants their daily dietary choices to help them prevent disease.”

About the Authors

Dr. Johannes F. Coy, Sc.D. is a biologist and cancer researcher who discovered the TKTL1 metabolism route. He then founded a pharmaceutical company and two diagnostic companies to utilize his knowledge about the TKTL1 gene and begin development of new cancer therapies and tests.

Maren Franz has a degree in pharmaceutical studies and journalism. She is an author and has written several books on health and nutrition. As a cancer survivor herself, Dr. Coy’s work is very close to her heart.

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