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Diet Snacks

diet snacks

The toughest part of weight control is what to do about hunger pangs.

These diet snacks, some of them 100 calorie snacks, all of them low calorie snacks, will put you on the path to successful natural weight loss.

One of the best tips for losing weight? Eat to lose weight!

Healthy weight loss does not involve starving yourself. You really can eat to lose weight if that involves healthy eating.

Our healthy snack ideas allow you to lose weight without dieting and shows you that you don’t have to eliminate snacks when you are watching what you eat.

Choosing the right snacks can keep you on track with your healthy eating plan. In fact, healthy snacking may be just what helps you keep going.

Diet Snacks for Healthy Weight Loss


Popcorn is an excellent low fat, low calorie snack. Just hold the butter! A bowl of plain, air-popped popcorn has just 31 calories, so you can have 3 full cups and still be under the 100 calorie snack limit.

Need a bit more flavor? Pop it the old fashioned way in just a bit of oil. The oil adds lots of flavor and because you don’t use very much, doesn’t add too many calories per serving. One cup of oil popped popcorn contains about 50 calories, so if you want a bit more flavor, you do need to cut down on the portion size a little to 2 cups or so.

Strawberries with Chocolate Dip

This may not sound like it belongs with 100 calorie snacks, but it is that or even less. One tablespoon of chocolate syrup has about 55 calories. If you use a lite chocolate syrup you can use about 2 tablespoons for that same 50 calories.

A medium strawberry has just 4 calories, so if you add 10 to 12 strawberries to your 1 or 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, you have a deliciously sweet 100 calorie snack.

And remember, the darker the chocolate the better. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants. So if you melt a square or two of dark chocolate you are eating healthy as well. It’s a much better idea than the chocolate syrup.


A hard cooked egg is one of the best diet snacks. It is a lean protein food, full of nutrients, no fat and contains about 50 to 70 calories, depending on the size of the egg. If you want to up the taste quotient a bit, add a touch of mayonnaise or yogurt to the yolks for a tasty deviled egg recipe. Use low fat mayo if you prefer.


Okay, you may be tired of hearing about salads as great diet snacks, but they really are. Add lots of low calorie chopped veggies and use a bit of low fat dressing or even salsa to kick up the taste. Add chopped garlic, a bit of onion powder and a few spices like cayenne pepper and dry mustard to plain yogurt for a zippy dressing.

And don’t forget the veggie sticks. They are always a good bet, and dipped in a low calorie dip or dressing, are seldom off limits.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another one of the better diet snacks. It is a complete protein and contains some dietary fiber, so it fills you up.

One tablespoon of peanut butter contains just under 100 calories, so if you use it sparingly and eat it with a couple of whole grain crackers it is a great low calorie snack that really satisfies your hunger.


Fruit smoothies don’t have to be high calorie. They can be the perfect way to enjoy fruit as a low calorie snack.

Here’s a great tip – freeze overripe bananas and use them in your next smoothie. A whole banana, fresh or frozen, mixed with a bit of low fat or skim milk, some ice and either vanilla extract or a few strawberries is not only a wonderful low calorie snack, it makes a great on the go breakfast too. Try adding a scoop of good quality protein powder for a really healthy treat.

You will find several delicious smoothie recipes here. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are healthy low calorie additions to any smoothie. Just remember that the couple of recipes that include syrup will take you out of the diet snacks status.


Nuts like walnuts and almonds are tremendously healthy for us. Yes, they do contain calories and we have to watch how many nuts we eat, but they fill you up and are a great snack.

Obviously it’s best not to have a lot of salted or sweetened nuts. They add ingredients that we want to limit in a healthy diet. But plain raw or roasted nuts are a healthy snack.

Read more about why nuts are so healthy for us here.


Yes potatoes! Potatoes, or even better, sweet potatoes, are not high calorie foods on their own. It is all that yummy stuff we add on to them, like butter and sour cream, that packs the calories. Potatoes and sweet potatoes also have lots of healthy nutrients.

If you simply slice a potato or sweet potato into thin wedges and bake them, they are tasty and low calorie snacks. Just spray or sprinkle a touch of healthy olive oil on them to keep them moist while cooking. Bake them at medium high heat (about 375ºF) for about 20-25 minutes. Remember the wedges have to be thin. If they are thicker, cook them longer. What a wonderful treat and all under the category of healthy eating for natural weight loss.

All of these low calorie diet snacks will help you lose weight without dieting. Natural weight loss is the best weight loss.

Many of the foods on our 10 Healthiest Foods list make great diet snacks.

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