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How to Carve a Turkey

How to carve turkey

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Knowing how to carve a turkey is key to a festive North American holiday dinner.

Whether you are cooking Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas turkey, or any day turkey, it’s the turkey carving that befuddles many of us.

Here are a few simple steps to properly carving that delicious bird.

How to Carve Turkey Legs

1. Use both a carving knife and a fork to hold the turkey steady or hold it steady with your hand as you cut. If using a fork, put the fork into a fleshy part of the bird to stabilize it. Use the knife to cut between the leg and the main body of the bird. Cut the leg and thigh portion off the bird, cutting down through the joint at the bottom of the thigh. Twist with your hand if necessary to disconnect the bone.

carving turkey leg

2. Cut the thigh off from the drumstick at the joint, again twisting with your hands to disconnect it if you need to.

3. Insert the fork into the thick part of the dark meat and use the knife to slice the dark meat from legs and thighs.

4. Cut off wings using the method outlined for the legs in point 1.

5. With the tip of the knife toward the body cavity, carve the breast meat thinly, using a back and forth movement of the knife. Gradually angle the knife to slice into the thicker part of the breast.

6. Continue to slice thin slices of breast meat from the turkey.

Now that you know how to carve a turkey, make sure you have a delicious turkey stuffing recipe for the bird. Look here for ours.

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