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The New Book of Soups

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The New Book of Soups is the newest cookbook from The Culinary Institute of America, the premier US culinary college.

When you hear “Culinary Institute of America” you just know that care was taken when developing the recipes. The CIA tests and tests their recipes until they are just right.

This cookbook is no different. The CIA has updated their ultimate guide for the preparation of delicious soups and stews for any season or occasion.

There are over 160 new and improved recipes in this lovely cookbook, complete with step-by-step instructions and wonderful color photos. I love a cookbook with great photos of the finished product. It helps me see where I am going and what my finished product should look like.

Not only do they give you clear instructions for making each recipe, there are also directions for things like preparing peppers and chiles,and making great broths and chowders and bisques.
Some of the fabulous recipes in this book include:

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  • Moroccan Vegetable Stew
  • Crawfish Étouffé
  • Focaccia
  • Olive Bread
  • Posole Poblano Soup
  • Udon Noodle Pot
  • Ham Bone and Collard Greens Soup
  • Potage au Pistou
  • Mussel Soup
  • Cold Cantaloupe Cream Soup
  • Catalan Beef Stew


We have been given permission to offer you three recipes from the book. Have a look at:


Soto Ayam

Pumpkin Soup

D. N. Rici says this about The New Book of Soups Cookbook:

“This book is a must own for any serious cook. A definitive source book with highly evolved methodologies and well explained charts, the CIA had provided a beautiful guide to great soups, stews and chowders (and more) for all to enjoy.”

I personally love this cookbook. I know it will be on my shelf and referred to often for years to come.

It is a wonderful book for those cooks who want to try something just a bit out of the ordinary once in a while, but also wants to have recipes on hand for all the well love traditional soup and stew recipes.

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