Duchesse Potato Recipe

duchesse potato recipe
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  • Servings : 6
  • Prep Time : 30m
  • Cook Time : 30m
  • Ready In : 60m

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This Duchesse potato recipe is a wonderful way to use leftover mashed potatoes. It’s an easy potato casserole recipe and great make ahead party potatoes.

Duchesse Potatoes

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  • one batch of mashed potatoes
  • 1 egg, well beaten
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted


Step 1

Prepare a batch of our mashed potatoes recipe or use leftover potatoes, brought to room temperature.

Step 2

Add 1 well beaten egg to the mashed potatoes.

Step 3

Butter a square glass baking dish. Put in potatoes, spreading them evenly in the pan. You can add a few peaks to create interest. Brush top of potatoes with melted butter.

Step 4

If you have a pastry or piping bag, you can pipe the potatoes into pretty rosettes like the ones pictured above.

Step 5

Bake at 375° for 30 minutes or until potatoes are heated through and top is brown.

Step 6

Note: You only need to bake the potatoes for about 10 minutes if you pipe them into small, serving size rounds.

Serves about 6, but multiplies easily to serve as many as you like.


If you want to go all out and make this recipe look amazing, use a wide cake decorating tip to make pretty fluted piles of the potatoes before baking (as in the photo above).

If you are more like me, baking it in the casserole dish is just fine.

Either way it is a great way to prepare mashed potatoes to look a bit “grander” for entertaining.

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duchesse potato recipe

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  1. posted by Karen Ciancio on

    Here is a quick recipe using mashed potatoes from a visitor to the older version of the site:

    Hamburg Gravy over Mashed Potatoes.

    (Ontario, Canada)

    It’s an upside down shephards pie…

    Pan fry the hamburger in a drizzle of oil breaking it up in small bits- add shaved onion if you choose) when all the pink in the meat is gone – add a tin of mushroom OR onion gravy..

    Cook and mash potatoes.

    place a scoop of potatoes on each plate and make a well in the center, pour the gravy over…

    A pound of Hamburger and 4 medium potatoes will serve 4-6 persons…

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