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The Top 10 Things Needed For A Healthy Lifestyle

10 things

There are many keys to a healthy lifestyle. Our top 10 things needed healthy lifestyle are listed here.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight for most of us, especially if we have less than fantastic eating and lifestyle habits.
But, one step at a time, we CAN get on the road to better health.

These tips as well as our losing weight tips (if you want to lose weight too) can help.

You can also find information about the 10 healthiest foods you can eat, foods that are wonderful staples in our diets, right here.

1. Eat A Balanced Diet

One of the main keys to a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet. A balanced diet includes healthy food choices from all of the food groups. Choose a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Just remember to “eat a rainbow”. That is, choose vegetables and fruits of all colors: orange, red, yellow, green, purple. The more colors your diet includes, the healthier it is. You will find suggestions for getting more healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet here.

2. Get The Right Vitamins and Minerals

Eating a wide variety of healthy foods is certainly a big key to a healthy long life. But as we get older it is also important to be aware of how the changes in our bodies can make a change in our dietary needs.

For example, women need more iron than men during their reproductive years. As we pass that time in our lives, that need diminishes. Women at the post-menopausal stage of their lives need more calcium than they may have before so diets or vitamin/mineral supplement regimes may have to be changed for optimum health.

3. Quit the “Big” Habits

Trying to stop smoking is difficult but doing it has huge benefits to your life. I have lost too many relatives who smoked to lung cancer. It is a killer – and you can immediately reduce your chances of developing it the day you quite smoking. It really is a matter of life and death.

Also, if you are a regular or heavy drinker, limiting your drinking will impact your health in many positive ways.

4. Get Regular Exercise

Check with your doctor or other health professional for the exercise that is right for you, but one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is to get moving and keep moving. Exercise isn’t just for those who want to lose weight. It keeps our joints moving well and our heart pumping stronger and longer.

5. Be Proactive About Your Health

Seeing your doctor for annual (or more if needed) checkups is an important healthy lifestyle feature. It not only ensures that you are on the right track, but any health issue that does come up is easier to treat if discovered early.

Being proactive about your health also means getting enough sleep. Sleep is so important to us and many of us (most?) don’t get enough of it. Pay attention to your sleep habits and do what you can to improve them if you have an issue.

6. Stay Connected

Healthy relationships are so important to maintaining overall health. Having a circle of loved ones around us, both friends and family, nurtures our spirit and adds fullness to our lives. Pets can be an important connection too. I am not sure what I would do without my little furry wonders some days. It is one of the healthy lifestyle features of my life that really works wonders.

More of the 10 Things Needed for a Healthy Lifestyle…

7. Create Balance and Reduce Stress

Excess stress really can be a killer. In our society we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to lead full what we think of as “full” lives. But balance is important too.The stress that pops up in various areas of our lives as we try to do it all can really add up and can lead to heart disease and other serious health issues. Doing what you can to eliminate the stress in your life, or at least better managing the stress you do have, will have a very beneficial impact on your health and your life.

8. Accept Yourself Just as You are

Accepting and loving ourselves just as we are, complete with faults and shortcomings, is another of those essential keys to an overall healthy lifestyle. Too many of us learn this later in life, having spent many years beating ourselves up about our looks, weight, career or relationships. Doing our best is the most any of us can ask of ourselves.

9. Work at What You Love

Don’t you admire those people who manage to make a living at doing what they love? I always have. If you do have a passion, make sure you include it in your life on a regular basis. If you want to and are able to turn it into your work, all the better. People who are happy in their work have been shown to be more satisfied with their lives overall and consider themselves happy people.


10. Have Fun

Have you noticed how much better you feel when you smile or laugh? Having a positive outlook and making sure you take time out to have fun can actually have a positive effect on your health too.

Of the 10 things needed for a healthy lifestyle, taking time to have fun and enjoy your life is just as important as the other points. Remember – balance is the key in pretty much everything we do. Also remember that you don’t have to change your life overnight. A step in the right direction, taken every day, will get you where you want to go.

These are our top 10 things needed for a healthy lifesyle. You will find our healthy recipes here.

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