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Easy Tips for Losing Weight

losing weight tips

Ok, let’s admit it. Losing weight is seldom an easy task.

Most of us need every bit of help we can get!

Our weight loss tips and advice will help make it easier to reach your weight loss goals.

Trying to incorporate as many of them as you can will help you create the new habits you need in order to reach and maintain the weight loss you desire.

The best weight loss is achieved by changing our habits over time.

(I know, don’t you really wish there there was a magic pill that could make losing weight happen overnight? I admit that I do).

You may be ready to dive in and change many habits overnight. That’s great if you can maintain them.

Most of us though have greater success by trying to change a few habits, then incorporating more new and healthy lifestyle changes as we go.

Whatever ensures the greatest success for you is the way to go.

Whatever way you decide to do it, our weight loss tips will really help.

Eat a Rainbow

Our first healthy diet tip is always to eat a balanced diet. Being healthy starts with eating healthy. Eating a rainbow means eating food from all the food groups. It also means eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables of different colors will provide your body with a wide range of nutrients and it is that variety that builds healthy bodies and strong immune systems.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

Research has proven it – if you eat breakfast you are less likely to eat too much at lunch. Think you don’t have time for breakfast? Not hungry enough first thing in the morning? A banana, apple, carrot and celery sticks or half a bagel are good take along foods to eat later or on the way.

Also – if you don’t like traditional breakfast foods, try eating something you enjoy for breakfast. Nothing says you can’t eat last night’s leftovers for breakfast just because everyone else is having eggs and toast.

Begin to Take Less Food at First

When you are filling your plate, start with a smaller portion than you would usually have. You can always go back for more if you are really hungry. So many times though we are in the habit of filling our plates, then eating it because it is there. Give yourself a little bit less and see if that is enough.

If you are eating in a restaurant that you know serves large portions, ask them to give you less, or actually move some of the food to another part of your plate and don’t touch it (okay, not the easiest thing to do, especially at first. That is why is is best to not have so much food on your plate in the first place.) It may take a while, but you will find that eventually you won’t feel a need to go back for seconds and gradually the extra weight will begin to fall off.

Select More of What’s Good For You

When you are fillng your plate, losing weight depends on taking more fresh vegetables and less of the fattening foods. If you are the cook, try cooking fewer potatoes and more of the less starchy vegetables like broccoli, green beans, beets and cauliflower. Make a salad with each meal and try to avoid meals with buttery or rich sauces. The more veggies you eat the less you will want desserts and snacks later.

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3 thoughts on “Easy Tips for Losing Weight”

  1. Easy Tips

    Originally posted by Kelly from Montreal

    I ‘ve always maintained at 105 lbs since I graduated from College.

    Actually losing weight or maintain at an ideal weight is not as difficult as you thought. Personally, we should never restrain from eating the food that we used to like, regardless of the type of food or it’s nutrient content. The most important is to have a balance and the highest variety of food that you consume.

    From Mabel from Picton:

    Just eat lot of fruit and vegetables,drink a lot of water.

  2. Losing Weight – Simple as cake!

    originally posted by melisa from Toronto.
    I am a teenage girl who has always been normal weight. I was around 120-125 pounds. I did not think I was chubby or skinny. It didn’t really ever cross my mind about losing weight.

    One summer i went to visit my family in Israel and they had mentioned how i lost a lot of weight. That weight that i lost was not intentional.

    From them on in, i started eating very healthy to maintain losing weight. I ate a lot of salads with protein, eggs, very little bread, some rice, no pasta, and junk only twice a week.

    Now 2 years later i am now 108 pounds and i look amazing, and couldn’t feel better about my self. Who ever wants to loose weight i know you could do it because i did and it was simple as cake! good luck to everyone who wants to lose weight.


    Higher Metabolism
    by: Anonymous

    If you were always thin, then your body is already at a naturally higher metabolism than people with real weight problems.

    How is telling people who work their tails off with diet and exercise that you did nothing in any way helpful?

  3. These comments have been transferred from the older version of the site:

    One Diet Change That Worked Tremendously

    by Dana Mccarthy
    (Houston, TX)

    After trying to lose weight for a long time I have realized something, most of the diets out there are very good therotically but are not practical. They all tell you to avoid so many things at one that it becomes impossible for many people. When nothing worked, I created my own weight loss meal plan.

    The first thing I did was to substitute sugar in my coffee with zero calorie sweetner. I lost 2 pounds in one week. I was shocked as to how good it worked. I then substitutes zero caloried sweetner with all the sugar that in my weight loss shakes. This worked even better.

    I then gradually continued to take out all the high caloric food from my diet and before you know it I lost 30 pounds. This was huge for me and I though I should share this with everyone. I hope it works for you.
    Kinesiology Tape

    by Kinesiology Tape
    (Las Vegas)

    As per my view the perfect idea to have a perfect balance of your body is the only way to do always yoga it will help a lot to loose weight and use to have a juice and fruits in breakfast. Try to follow this in a daily routine it is going to help a lot in losing weight. So I will suggest doing training and exercises daily. This will help you to maintain a good health and body. So do always exercise and training.


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