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Weight Loss Tips

Natural weight loss tips

Most of us could use a few weight loss tips to help us get on or stay on a healthy eating program.

If losing weight is your goal this weight loss advice may make it easier.

Eat Slowly

This is one of the most important steps that you can take and one that I certainly have some difficulty with. Studies have shown that it may take a full twenty minutes before your stomach registers that it is full.

By eating our meals and snacks more slowly, you are allowing your body time to give you the “I’m full” signal.

Let Yourself Indulge Occasionally

Everyone needs a break once in a while. If you are too strict with yourself you may find that you quickly get tired of your new eating habits and begin to lapse back to your old eating ways. So it’s okay to occasionally indulge yourself a bit with something you REALLY want, just not so often and so much that you go back to your old habits and forget your goals.

Avoid High Sugar Foods and Refined Carbohydrates

Foods high in sugar and/or refined carbohydrates (eg. white flour) get into our blood streams very quickly and cause spikes in blood sugar, not a good idea whether you are diabetic or not. These foods can also be less nutritious and full of empty calories.

Eat Hunger Suppressing Foods

There are some foods that you can fill up on without filling out your waistline. The obvious of course is salad without the dressing. If you find that too drab try to cut back on the amount of dressing you use until you are using it very sparingly. Also try low fat options like salsa sprinkled on your salad. Water fills you up with a 0 calorie impact. Fruit like apples are high in fiber, which fills you up but has few calories. Or snack on a dill pickle for savory crunch.

Don’t Fall for the Fads

There are many fad diets out there, as well as several eating options that are healthy ways to slim down. Any diet that asks you to eat just one or two foods every day (cabbage soup or bananas) or states that you can lose weight no matter what you eat are probably fads that will leave you in a worse place that when you started.

Eliminating too many calories will also cause your body to go into “starvation mode”, where it begins to hold on tight to as many calories as it can, which makes it even more difficult to successfully take the weight off.

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3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips”

  1. Originally posted by Ann from Yukon, Canada

    I’ll love to fit in to my wedding dress. i just need to lose 10 lbs.

    From Karen:
    Try some of our suggestions Ann and hopefully you will.


    starstarstarstarstar re diet need
    by: Anonymous

    Quick fix usually will result in water loss, which your body will try to replace in shortest time possible(within 2-3 days).

    Depending on how much time you have, try making a very small breakfast, like 1/2 cup of oatmeal, easy on the brown sugar(add apple sauce)and an ounce of skim milk mozzarella or 2 tbsp cottage cheeze.

    Take cut up vegetables-broccoli, calliflower, cucumbers, carrots,grape tomatoes,different peppers to work or school-no dip,try putting salt lightly over, have cubed ham and cheeze as well for protein.Have different fruit to snack through the day.

    When you get home, before cooking supper have a snack of 2 walnuts of other nuts,celery with hummus or 1/2 cup of milk (can add banana and blend) If you are having a regular supper,use only bread plate and have mixed salad with 1/2 of hardboiled egg and very little olive oil and some lemon juice. No low fat dressings or bacon and croutons. Have some bread with salad-not commercial, even white homemade is better than Dempsters 12 grain. Italian and french are fine.

    Different suppers-large salad filled with different veggies and greens,with egg, chunks of chicken,chickpeas, olives, croutons or bread.Cooked and mashed turnip, then put some fried bacon in it and bake for 15 min, pair with small chunk of beef or pork tenderloin or other meat.

    Idea is to increase vitamin rich filler foods and decrease simple carbs. This example of diet makes you enjoy food and have energy without going hungry and tired.

    You can also add fibres like psyllium or PGX to the above, but your gut will have more difficulty to adjust to it.If you feel hungry, try B100 complex,Vit C and Omega-3 supplements with food only.

    Drink water, nothing with sweeteners, and I hope you like milk and cheeze.For desserts-have it very occasionally and share it with someone.Also, cup of homemade from scratch hot chocolate does the trick on the cold winter evening.

    If you have time to walk everywhere, do it as well.

    Good luck.

  2. A Story I Found About Drinking Water Out of Melons!

    Originally posted by Jasmine Wright from Chicago.

    I have been studing mystical magical things and I found savation in drinking water from melons. The most improtant one is the watermelon. Drinking the juicy water perserved in the melon will leave you feeling very healthy and is magical in the sense that it actually pushes all the negativy out as you relax. Try it!

  3. Bike commuter newbie

    Originally contributed anonymously.
    I start commuting to work on my bike everyday for past 4 weeks because I don’t have time to go to the gym. It about 15KM each way with a bit of hills. It takes 15 minutes more to go to work, but the result was amazing. Now I have more energy, I feel stronger, and my belly is disappearing in front of my own eyes.

    I eat as much as I used to plus couple protein shakes after each bike ride and cut out some sugary snacks and replacing it with veggies and fruits.

    It works for me, I lost almost 10 lbs from 184 to 174. I am looking forward to go down to my ideal weight.

    In short, I just substitute my commute with exercise without using too much additional time in a day. Eat well and be healthy.


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