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The Best Way to Lose Weight

best way lose weight

What is the best way to lose weight? The healthy way. We have several pages of easy and healthy tips for losing weight.

Our weight loss advice is based on healthy eating principles plus a few tricks to keep yourself motivated and on track.

Avoid Your Personal Eating Triggers

Does talking on the telephone have you roaming through the kitchen cabinets or fridge looking for goodies? Use the telephone somewhere else in the house.

Does sitting at the kitchen table to play a board game, do homework, or write out the bills make you want to reach for that new bag of cookies, some ice cream or chips? Find another location.

Handling Cravings

We all crave particular foods once in a while. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who craves healthy food like apples or spinach, go for it. For the rest of us, whose cravings are not so virtuous, it is a good idea to find ways to divert attention to something else.
When you want to eat just for the sake of eating, try walking the dog, doing a bit of yard work, getting on your exercise equipment or even folding laundry. It may just make you forget your craving, even for a little while.

Don’t Shop When You are Hungry

Don’t you find that when you shop for groceries when you are hungry, you come home with far more food than you need, especially junk food and comfort food? It has been shown that when you shop when you are not particularly hungry you will find it much easier to make healthier choices.

Use Diet Aids Wisely

Incorporating diet shakes and cookies into your diet can be a real benefit in a few ways. They are handy to take along if you are rushed and can’t take the time to prepare or order a proper meal. They also take the guess work out of the “what to eat to get the right nutrients” concern. You know exactly what you are getting in terms of nutrition because it is listed for you on the label.

A word of caution – shakes and cookies are a wonderful weight loss aid. Just try not to rely on them so much that you don’t learn new habits. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to incorporate real food into your daily meal plan. So if you are using these meal replacements, great, just make sure you also incorporate healthy fresh foods too, so you begin to create new and healthy eating habits.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Let’s face it. We didn’t get this way overnight and consequently we aren’t going to magically lose it all overnight either. There is nothing wrong with gradual weight loss. It’s actually the best way to lose weight because you are learning new eating habits and giving your body time to adjust. It is also the best way ensure you don’t regain. So relax, get yourself excited about your new direction – and go for it!

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