Orange cake with walnuts

Orange Cake Recipe

This orange cake recipe is really easy to make and brings the taste of fresh oranges to a light and lovely cake.

The walnuts are optional, but they add great flavor and a nice bit of crunch to the cake. Walnuts are really healthy for us too, so any time you get to add them to your diet, go for it.

Sweet orange scones

Orange Scones

These lovely orange scones are light and tender. They have just enough orange zest added to them for a nice hint of orange flavor in every bite.

Orange madeleines

Orange Madeleines

I love madeleines. They are a wonderful combination of cake and cookie. Basically they are an individually sized piece of delicious.

This madeleine recipe is lightly flavored with orange. It’s the perfect flavoring for these wonderful little French pastries.

BBQ Beef Sandwiches

BBQ Beef Sandwiches

These bbq beef sandwiches are both easy and delicious. This recipe for stove top cooked barbecue beef that just uses a few simple ingredients you probably have on hand.

It calls for stove top cooking, but you can easily pop it all into a crock pot to cook and I have included those instructions in the directions as well.

Mexican short ribs recipe

Mexican Short Ribs Recipe

This fantastic short ribs recipe brings the flavors of Mexico and Spain to the table.

Flavored with oranges, green olives and tomatoes, and spiced with cumin, these beef short ribs are easy to make. Just brown the meat, add the other ingredients, then let it cook away on the stove top.

ginger carrot recipe

Ginger Carrot Recipe

This yummy ginger carrot recipe is sure to become a family favorite.

Of course I love easy recipes and this is one that transforms the lowly carrot into an elegant vegetable recipe, fit for company or holiday dinners, but easy enough for every day.

Date and orange muffins

Date and Orange Muffins

These delectable orange muffins are studded with rich buttery pieces of dates.

The mixture results in a muffin that is not too sweet and doesn’t have too much sugar, just 3/4 of a cup for 18 muffins. You can cut that down to 1/2 cup if you would like. Keep in mind though that the recipe also adds the zest of the orange, so there is some bitterness from that.

Three grain healthy muffins

Three Grain Healthy Muffin Recipe

This is such a healthy muffin recipe. It is a mix of three grains. The oat bran brings a lot of nutrition to the recipe, while the cornmeal adds a bit of crunch and texture.

Lemon lime chicken marinade

Lemon Lime Chicken Marinade Recipe

This chicken marinade recipe is a flavorful mix of lemon, lime, garlic and thyme. It can be used as a baked lemon chicken, as called for in the original recipe below, or cook it on the barbecue for an amazing grilled chicken.


Hamentashen are wonderful little cookies filled with fruit filling and especially eaten on Jewish holidays. Whether you want Jewish recipes in particular, or simply delicious cookie recipes, you want to give this one a try. They are quite amazing.

Blueberry Cobbler (This One’s Gluten Free!)

Those who need gluten free desserts often miss out on things like cobbers and fruit crisps, but not this time. This blueberry cobbler recipe is gluten free, so it is perfect for those who can’t tolerate wheat products. You will see below that it’s very simple to make this a non gluten free dessert as well, so suit yourself. Either way I think you’ll love it.

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