Raspberry Sherbet Recipe

raspberry sherbet
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  • Servings : 6 to 8
  • Prep Time : 30m
  • Cook Time : 0m
  • Ready In : 4:30 h

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This raspberry sherbet recipe is sure to delight young and old alike.

It is made with fresh tangy sweet raspberries, a little buttermilk and some simple syrup.

Raspberry sherbet is a perfect dessert to make when raspberries are in season and plentiful. Make several batches and have them in the freezer to enjoy any time.

Raspberry Sherbet

gluten free recipe


  • 2 cups fresh raspberries, rinsed
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 1/2 cup simple syrup (see below)
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice


Step 1

Place the berries in a food processor. Whirl until they are puréed. Press the puree through a wire sieve to remove all of the seeds. Return the purée to the food processor and add the buttermilk, syrup and lime juice. Whirl until it is well blended.

Step 2

Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker. Process according to manufacturer's instruction.

Step 3

Pack into a freezer container. Freeze until firm, at least 4 hours.

Makes 4 cups.

Simple Syrup:

2 1/2 cups sugar
2 cups water

Combine the sugar and water in a medium size saucepan. Heat to boiling over medium heat, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Boil for about 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and cool to room temperature. Cover sand refrigerate until ready to use.

A Great Idea!

Replace the raspberries in this recipe with an equal amount of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or a mix of delicious fresh berries for a fruit sherbet creation that is sure to bring a smile to family and friends.

Did You Know?…

I used to think that sorbet was just the French word for sherbet, but apparently not. There is a real difference between what is considered sherbet and what is considered sorbet and it goes like this:

Sorbet recipes are dairy free and perfect for those who are lactose intolerant (well perfect for anyone, but you know what I mean).

Sherbets, on the other hand, contain some kind of dairy product. This sherbet recipe has buttermilk, but it could be a bit of cream or milk. Sherbet recipes can also contain gelatin or egg whites, neither of which appear here.

Both are made with puréed fruits, sugar, and water which make them a little different than ice cream, which obviously doesn’t need any fruit or water in it at all.

Sherbets and fruit sorbets are often thought of as more elegant desserts, so this is a wonderful dessert to serve at a dinner party, as well as a family dinner or barbecue.

This recipe does have sugar of course, but the berries and buttermilk are both very healthy ingredients.

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raspberry sherbet

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