Lemon and ginger tea

Lemon and Ginger Tea

This lemon and ginger tea recipe is a wonderful immune system booster.

Ginger and lemon have tremendous benefits for our health. Both are wonderful immune system builders, which our bodies need at all times, but in certain situations it’s even more important.

Healthy green smoothie recipe

Classic Green Smoothie Recipe

This is a super healthy and really tasty green smoothie recipe. The green comes from fresh spinach and the sweetness from banana, strawberries and coconut water.

Honey Lemonade Recipe

How to make lemonade especially healthy and even more delicious? Use this lemonade recipe that incorporates honey into the syrup instead of white sugar.

Honey has the same amount of calories as sugar, but it does contain micronutrients that make it much healthier than sugar.

Breakfast Smoothies for Weight Loss

AJ, who originally contributed this recipe to cookingnook.com, calls his recipe breakfast “frosties”, but I would call them banana breakfast smoothies.

Coffee Shake

This recipe for a Coffee Shake was originally submitted by Harleen. The ingredients are simple but if you are a coffee lover, I am sure it tastes terrific.

Red Sangria Recipe

This sangria recipe is perfect for warm summer days.

Of course it pairs perfectly with Mexican recipes. Also try serving this tasty drink any time with many varieties of foods.

Sparkling Citrus Punch Recipe

This light and refreshing citrus punch recipe is a perfect beverage for parties.

It is a perfect bridal or baby shower punch, and kids will love it as a birthday party beverage.

It is also easy enough to make that it works well as an everyday summer drink.

fruit smoothies

Smoothie Recipes

I love smoothies, especially fruit smoothie recipes.

The pluses to fruit smoothies are threefold – they are easy to make, taste GREAT and can be very healthy for you.

Collage of delicious milk shakes

MilkShake Recipes

Homemade milkshake recipes – our favorite diner drink made rich and delicious right at home. How wonderful.

Milk shakes are easy to make at home. All you need are a few simple ingredients and a blender.


Mojito Recipe

This minty mojito recipe is from a wonderful book of cocktail recipes from Ebam Klemm.

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