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Cooking Lessons : Cooking Tips, Cooking Instruction and Cooking Terms

cooking instructions and tips

This is our growing cooking instruction section – what I like to call Cooking Lessons 101.

This section of our site is designed for all cooks but certain sections, like our “How To” recipes, will probably of special interest for newer cooks or cooks looking to try something they haven’t done before.

We’ve included cooking tips, alternate cooking methods and ingredients throughout the site on most of the recipe pages. But this is where you will find the basics of cooking and cooking techniques, plus cooking terms (our Cooking Dictionary), French cooking terms, cooking measurements conversions and a list of cooking substitutions.

Whew, that’s a lot of cooking! I hope you find what you are looking for.

Cooking Terms, Conversions and Substitutions

Cooking Measurements Conversions
Cooking Substitutions
Cooking Terms – A to I
Cooking Terms – J to Z
French Cooking Terms – A to F
French Cooking Terms – G to Z

Cooking 101 Recipes – the How To’s

How to Make Mashed Potatoes – the classic mashed potatoes recipe
How to Roast Garlic
How to Make an Authentic Hummus Recipe
How to Carve a Turkey
How to Thaw, Clean, Store and Cook a Turkey
How to make tender, fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits
How to make Dumplings
How to make a delicious and easy Key Lime Pie recipe.
How to cook Asparagus
How to Cook Prime Rib
How To Fry Pork Chops
The How To’s of Cooking Pasta Perfectly
How To Make Perfect Cheese Fondue
How To Make Homemade French Fries
How To Make Chocolate Mousse
How To Make Crepes Perfectly Each Time
How To Cook Lobster
How To Cook Mussels Diablo
How To Make English Cream Scones
How to Make Middle Eastern Falafel
How to Make Polenta
How to Cook Tofu – Italian Style
How to BBQ a Whole Turkey
How to Make a Classic Club Sandwich
How to Make a Bouquet Garni
How to Make Flavored Butters (Compound Butter)
How to Grow Your Own Bean Sprouts
How to Make Bone Broth
How to Make Indian Samosas
How to Make Your Own Spice Mixes

Put these cooking instructions to good use by cooking up some of our other great free online recipes.

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  1. Shopping Bag Tip

    Posted by Al from Rock Springs, Wyo. USA

    To untie double knotted grocery bags, twist 1/2 the handle & push through the knot.


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