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Almond Recipes, Walnut Recipes – All Nut Recipes

Walnut and almond recipes

If you are looking for walnut or almond recipes, you will find some good ones here.

These nuts are not only delicious and nutritious, they are also two of the most versatile nuts to cook with.

There are many recipes for wonderful baked goods that include these nuts.

You will also find recipes for things like vegetable dip topped with almonds, salads with crunchy walnuts and much more.
Have a look – you’ll “go nuts” for these delicious recipes.

Appetizers, Salads and Main Dishes

Cheese Ball Recipes
Chicken Casserole with Rice and Almonds
Apricot and Almond Stuffed Chicken Recipe
Hot and Creamy Almond Spread
Spinach Salad with Strawberries and Almonds
Strawberry Salad with Walnuts and Goat Cheese
Mandarin Almond Salad
Chicken Tagine with Almonds, Dates and Honey
Stir Fry Bean Sprouts with Ginger and Walnuts
Parsley Pesto

Desserts with Almonds and Walnuts

Apple Walnut Muffins
Easy Banana Muffin Recipe
Moist Carrot Cake with Walnuts
Delicious Flourless Orange Cake
Easy Basic Banana Bread
Pineapple Carrot Muffins
Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts and Raspberry
Lemony Almond Cake (Gluten Free)
Zucchini Bread Recipe
Almond and Blueberry Coffee Cake
Watergate Salad
Almond Macaroon Cookies
Walnut Meringue Cookies
Layered Coconut Macaroon Brownies
Chocolate Pecan (or walnut) Tarts
Zucchini Chocolate Cake
Rocky Road Fudge (no bake)
Nanaimo Bars (no bake)
Chocolate Salami (no bake)

This is not a recipe on this list, but this is how I love to enjoy both almonds and walnuts on a daily basis –
I eat plain yogurt for breakfast, topped with chopped walnuts, chopped or slivered almonds and some fruit. My favorites are mashed banana or blueberries. I top it with just a touch of something sweet. You can use a bit of maple syrup, regular syrup or Stevia, a natural sugar free sweetener. All fabulous.

Another morning breakfast favorite that adds nutritious nuts to your daily meal plan is to eat a bowl of high fiber cereal topped with chopped nuts and fruit. Eat it with almond milk instead of regular milk to add even more nut deliciousness to your day.

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Read up on nutritional benefits of these nuts and find out why these walnut and almond recipes are so good for you.

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