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25 Fabulous Pantry Recipes

Pantry Recipes

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These pantry recipes use ingredients that you probably have on hand all the time, either in your cupboard or freezer.

All of these recipes use mostly shelf-stable food, that is, food that is canned, dried or frozen and that can “keep” for a long time. I call them pantry basics.

In this crazy time we are going through now, it’s good to have recipes like this on hand, recipes that you don’t have to plan a grocery trip around.

I have counted some fresh ingredients as pantry items because they are things we all have on hand all the time – potatoes, onions and garlic for example.

Other than those ingredients, most of these recipes call for very few other fresh ingredients, which makes them perfect for times when you haven’t been able to get to the grocery store for fresh produce in a while.

Of course these dishes are delicious any time. They just seem more valuable when you know you can whip them up with very little menu planning or fresh grocery purchases.

I hope you enjoy them. Please use the comments area at the bottom of the page to add your own fantastic pantry recipes.

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